NOVA launched the new DYLARK FG Foam Resin on May 10th. It is the latest member of the company's styrene maleic anhydride heteropolymer resin series for microwave packaging.

DYLARK FG Foam Resin is particularly suitable for use on take-away food packaging and containers. It maintains a stable structure at high microwave temperatures, while its superior insulation properties ensure that food temperatures do not escape easily during shipping.

At the same time, the package made of DYLARK FG foamed resin has good leak-proof performance, and its solid structure can protect the safety of users when taking out hot food from the microwave oven. The insulating properties of DYLARK FG can extend the food holding time, while the packaging surface is maintained at room temperature. The resin product, which has been criticized and patented by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), can be produced through the usual foam extrusion equipment at a lower cost than polypropylene.

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                                           Kitchen Accessories  Expandable  Dish Rack

High quality expandable dish rack, Plate Holder, which is made of ABS material and 202 stainless steel.  The width is adjustable to fit various size of plates.

It is very convinient to put the dish rack into the drawer for organize your plate .

blume type plate holderPlastic Plate holder  for kitchen drawer


1. Use eco-friendly material 

2. Offer competitive price and best choice for your kitchen drawer.

3.  Two buttons on the bottom part to adjust the dish rack size.

Dish Rack

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