Bottle caps are most common in people's eyes, and ordinary screw caps have long been used in beverages, mineral water, and other packaging fields. Screw bottle caps are widely used in the packaging industry, but some of its problems can not be ignored. Consumers who regularly drink sprites, cola and other carbonated drinks will find that after opening a bottle of sprite, after 2 days tightening the cap , the carbon dioxide in it will run out, and the carbonated beverage inside will become sugar water, which proves that the spiral bottle The lid does not seal. Screw caps are just a fixed role, which is no longer a secret in the packaging industry.

Spiral bottle caps are for the average consumer only because they cannot be sealed and affect the taste or cause pollution, but for some consumers there is a life-threatening. For example: The driver and the driver are thirsty during driving and they hold the steering wheel in one hand. One hand is absolutely not able to open the bottle cap. He must use two hands. This is very dangerous during driving. .

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper is best choice to pack lightweight loads or unstable loads or very heavy loads with stretch film.

Rotary arm Stretch Wrapping Machine keeps the load can be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotate the load to apply the stretch film.

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Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

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