Watching 3D video is no longer a novelty. Bottle labels have always been 2D effects, but the recently released “Gravity” has a different effect.

Things will change, and manufacturers are increasingly aware that an attractive label may generate potential sales, and 3D-effect wine labels will appear on the shelves.

One of the wines in the Rhone Valley is one of the first signs of this kind of creativity. The pink and orange butterfly on the label is just like it is coming out. The label was designed by the French packaging company Autajon and applied for it last year. Patent rights.

Its competitor AsetBidoit confirmed that the trend of wine labels is continuously developing. However, the company has not yet produced 3D wine labels. The company’s marketing manager Christelle Dubois said that it has started embossing and has been plated with the name of the winery, year, And other wine label details.

In her view, "ordinary labels are no longer popular."

However, many winemakers for their labels, Gilles Barrot, commercial director of Autajon, believe that if manufacturers want to improve their characteristics, they can make their products unique.

According to Gilles Barrot, “Besides price, trademarks are also an important purchase factor. Especially in supermarkets, 80% of all wines are purchased by women. Beautiful wine labels are more attractive.

It is undeniable that for the best French producers, there is not much thought of 3D wine labels in their minds. Combating counterfeit goods is their main concern. Anti-spoofing measures include: wine labels with holograms, watermarks, passwords, transparent inks that are visible under specific lighting.