Film wrinkling phenomenon, in fact, this problem is ubiquitous, it is precisely because of the laminating machine wrap wrinkling problem has also become a post-press processing industry has been a problem has been explored, can learn from the previous coating film coating machine cover Membrane wrinkle solution, pre-coated laminating machine is much simpler in operation than previously used laminating film laminating machine, gold self-lifting film laminating machine, automatic charting and backing paper The function of the latest roll-proof film laminating machine is to solve the problem of curling and curling of hot film.

That is, the causes and solutions of film wrinkling of the film coating machine are as follows.

1. Vertical folds. The film's tensile force is too large, and the pressure is not flattened. There is a crease in the film itself, so the film wrinkles after it is covered.
Solution: Relax the film tension and adjust the stretch roll so that the film is flattened and then pressed.

2. Oblique creases. The large tensile force of the film and the improper adjustment of the roller position caused the film itself to be inconsistent, uneven in the film, and unevenly accumulated on the loose side.
Solution: Relax the film tension, adjust the stretch roller or temporarily change the film.

3. Horizontal folds. The heating roller temperature is too high, the pressure of the rubber roller is too large, and the film is transversely corrugated into transverse wrinkles when compounded.
Solution: Reduce the roll-direction temperature appropriately or reduce the pressure on the rubber roll.

4. The temperature is too high when heated and the film deforms and wrinkles.
Solution: Reduce the temperature.

5. The moisture content of the paper is too large, the paper shrinks after the film dries, and the film deforms and wrinkles.
Solution: "The moisture content of the paper should be about 5%, and the temperature and humidity inside the work chamber should be kept normal.

6. The laminating machine's conductive roller is not working well or the surface has dirt that causes the film to fail to stretch and operate normally.
Solution: Conductive roller bearings should be lubricated on time and kept clean and free of foreign matter.

7. The guide roller gap is too small and the film is creped before the press fit.
Solution: Adjust the gap of the guide roller correctly.

8. Roller temperature is too high The film is thermally expanded.
Solution: Reduce roller temperature.

9. The thin film conductive rollers are not parallel, causing the film to run unbalanced.
Solution: Correctly adjust the conductive roller to make it parallel.

10. Inconsistent or wavy edges at both ends of the film.
Solution: Replace the qualified film.

11. The glue layer is too thick and the viscosity is too large. After pressing, the paper and the film slide.
Solution: Adjust the amount of glue and increase the drying temperature.

Precoat laminating machine and instant coating laminating machine cover the same principle, that is, the lamination process, the process is more simplified, no adhesive heating and drying. It is believed that it is more convenient for everyone to use when laminating.