Rally machine to test the elongation of plastic film in two ways, Haida engineers for the stretch machine to test the elongation of the plastic film summary of two methods, the following we introduce one by one:

First, the test method:

The first:

1 , if it is the reference GB 13022 test plastic film, the sample should be made of dumbbell type, the specific size and thickness of the national standard on a detailed description, omitted here.

2. It is relatively simple to use this kind of dumbbell specimen elongation method, and use the large deformation extensometer on the equipment. As long as the tensile machine has a large deformation extensometer can do such tests.

The second kind:

1 , if it is reference ISO 1184 standard test, the sample should be made into a long strip. In the long strip specimen stretching, the method of testing the elongation should use the displacement method, that is, the distance between the upper and lower grippers is the gauge length.

2. The displacement method has a high requirement for the equipment. Generally, the open-loop controlled machine cannot complete the test well. The preparation standards for long strips are based on the standards of each country.

Second, maintenance methods:

1. Keep the equipment clean at all times.

2. Regularly spray anti-rust oil on the metal surface of the equipment.

3. Regularly add lubricant to equipment moving parts .

4 , the screw should keep a small amount of butter to lubricate

5 , punctuation extensometer pointer should not be pushed to the left when not in use, to prevent the next fixture hit the bend.

6. Check whether the position of the upper and lower limit setting buttons is appropriate and whether they are locked tightly to prevent the fixtures from colliding with each other and damage the load cell.

7. It is absolutely forbidden to test specimens that exceed the capacity of the unit.

      The above are the two test methods and maintenance procedures for the testing of plastic film by Rally machine. Rally machine is used as a universal equipment and applied in various industries. In fact, many test methods are similar, if you still have other doubts about the above introduction, please call. advisory.