Let your home have highlights 10 unique creative chandelier

The chandelier seems to be the type of light that everyone will use. Whether it is used as a main lighting or a supplementary light source, a beautiful and unique ceiling should not only play a role in lighting, but also a unique decoration that lights up the space. Let ’s look at 10 below A new style of chandelier, choose one to make your home more bright!

Linear beauty 8 stylish design chandelier

Chandeliers, like floor lamps and ceiling lamps, are an important part of home lighting. However, the pendant lamps are hung in a line, but they have a better longitudinal spatial decoration effect than floor lamps and ceiling lamps, making the upper and middle spaces of the room more abundant and colorful.

May you be in a quiet corner 9 chandeliers floor lamp recommended

In the creation of a warm atmosphere, there is nothing more competent than a lamp. Whether it is a chandelier or a floor lamp, the correct choice can add more fashionable elements to the living room. In such a quiet atmosphere, you can enjoy your inner heart. Comfortable and peaceful.

Let your home have highlights 10 unique creative chandelier

PART1: glass iron creative simple chandelier

Spiral personality chandelier

Brand: Hongguang

Price: 180.00 yuan

Editor's recommendation: The clean lines make this pendant lamp look very classy. The iron lampshade is not only textured, but also durable. With clean white lighting, it is suitable for use in dining rooms and bedrooms, and can definitely add points to creative homes.

Glass egg chandelier

Brand: Octave

Price: 412.50 yuan

Editor's recommendation: A clear glass inner shell hangs a frosted glass liner, just like a delicious egg, which makes people pleasing. This chandelier is easy to match, whether it is European, modern, and simple decoration, it can be easily controlled. The glass cover is easy to clean, beautiful and worry-free.

Three-headed glass chandelier

Brand: Worldshine / Rock Lighting

Price: 399.50 yuan

Editor's recommendation: This chandelier has a stylish shape, much like three upside-down microphones, full of novelty. It has three light sources to ensure sufficient light. In addition, whether it is a smooth iron lamp body or a transparent glass lampshade, it looks high-end and luxurious, and it is easy to clean and durable, which is both good-looking and useful.

Creative glass cover three head chandelier

Brand: Weimar

Price: 169.20 yuan (promotional price) original price: 360 yuan

Editor's recommendation: The circular design is the core, and the glass shade is also combined with a circular sheet. The light gray color makes the light not dazzling and is more suitable for creating a warm atmosphere. Feedback from users who have already purchased is also very good, and the quality of the flagship store is even more guaranteed.

PART2: Wooden creative simple chandelier

Wood color solid wood frame chandelier

Brand: Good Love Home

Price: 479.00 yuan

Editor's recommendation: The solid wood lamp stand is not only beautiful, but also helps to maintain stability, ensuring that the pendant lamp does not shake or shake. Thick glass lampshade, beautiful and durable, and stronger light transmittance. In addition, there is a user-friendly clip design, which is more convenient for disassembly and replacement, and you are not afraid of trouble when changing and washing.

Creative cup chandelier

Brand: OPPLE / OP Lighting

Price: 213.20 yuan

Editor's recommendation: Take the inverted cup as inspiration, with a simple concept, perfectly blending creativity and fashion. This pendant lamp has good light transmittance, suitable for simple and stylish home use, and it is more beautiful as a restaurant lamp. Another choice is the third-generation impact-resistant acrylic lampshade, which is resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet rays, and lasts longer.

Melaleuca chandelier

Brand: LedingTheLife / Lighting Life

Price: 580.00 yuan

Editor's recommendation: All natural bamboo chandeliers are very sculptural. The natural texture of bamboo is presented through the light, and the delicate and rich bamboo texture brings out the original ecological flavor. Bright incandescent light bulbs can render a layered three-dimensional light and shadow, which helps to create a restaurant atmosphere.

PART3: woven rattan creative simple chandelier

Teapot Rattan Chandelier

Brand: Xuan Zhiyuan

Price: 196.00 yuan

Editor's recommendation: The cute and chic teapot shape is not only creatively perfect, but also a good match, suitable for a warm and elegant little family. The lamp body is hand-made, and the vines and grass maintain the original color, which is rich in nature. The suspension wire can be adjusted, the length is free, and the practicability is very strong.

House chandelier

Brand: Rongjue

Price: 69.00 yuan

Editor's recommendation: The lovely house shape makes this chandelier warm and full score, whether it is placed in the dining room, dining room, bedroom, also brings a kind of home warmth. This pendant lamp is made by hand weaving process, creative shape, very environmentally friendly and beautiful. The light and thin rattan has excellent light transmittance, ensuring sufficient light.

Wedding rattan chandelier

Brand: One Life

Price: 135.00 yuan

Editor's recommendation: The creative wedding dress chandelier is very suitable for newlyweds. Whether it is used as a restaurant light, a bedroom light, or an aisle light, it is very beautiful. This pendant lamp adopts a metal paint ceiling tray, which not only prevents rust and moisture, but also prevents corrosion and has a longer service life.

Linear beauty 8 stylish design chandelier

PART1 single head fashion chandelier

Recommendation 1: Chengpu Chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: Φ430 * 1320mm

Material: Iron

Recommended reason: breaking the traditional single-layer lampshade mode of the chandelier, the inner lampshade can gather the light excellently, and the light source between the two lampshades can provide a wider lighting area. This design makes the light soft and full of layering, simple Stylish and elegant appearance, suitable for various styles of living room use.

Recommendation two: Langwan chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: Φ510 * 1000mm

Power: 66W

Material: PMMA

Reason for recommendation: This chandelier named "Langwan" has a wavy appearance. The undulating contour of the lampshade increases the variability and layering of light, and also brings a more beautiful decorative effect.

Recommendation Three: Die Yun Chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: Φ470 * 1000mm

Material: Aluminum

Function: Dimming, color changing

Recommended reason: just like a round chandelier like an alien flying saucer, the three small lights in the center can achieve good light gathering and illumination, and provide enough illumination for the local space. The transparent multilayer lampshade can transform five different colors or colorful light effects To create a different atmosphere for the space.

Recommendation Four: Guangyun Chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: Φ480 * 1000mm

Material: Aluminum PMMA

Function: Dimming, color changing

Recommended reason: It is also a single chandelier in the shape of a disc. The lamp head in the middle of the lampshade is responsible for providing lighting. The original white lamp looks very cute, but after opening the colorful halo effect on the outer edge of the lampshade, the dazzling light and pure white When the lampshades are set together, they become beautiful and dreamy.

PART2 multi-head fashion chandelier

Recommendation 1: Miao Ze chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: 610 * 155 * 1000mm

Material: glass

Recommended reason: The black glass lampshade has the same modern decorative effect as many common black metal lampshades, but the good transparency of the glass makes the glass lampshade better in lighting effect.

Recommendation Two: Zhibin Chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: 670 * Φ150 * 1000mm

Material: solid wood + glass

Recommended reason: the combination of white glass and primary solid wood, the material itself looks small and fresh, slightly square shape of the lampshade, like an upside down bowl, small and exquisite, and the effect of matching with the original wood room is better.

Recommendation 3: Ningxiang Chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Color: Rose Red + Silver White

Size: 660 * 72 * 1500mm Φ360 * 1500mm

Material: Glass ABS

Power: 6W

Light source type: LED

Application area: 3-10㎡

Reason for recommendation: "A spicy red fragrance", the name of the lamp comes from an ancient poem, the shape of the lamp is like a blossoming rose, and the beautiful beauty of the shy half-open half-closed state is accompanied by the delicate texture of glass Blooming in the top space, giving people a soft light.

Recommendation four: Zhichun chandelier

Brand: Op Lighting

Size: 670 * 180 * 1400mm Φ480 * 1400mm

Material: High diffusivity material

Power: 47.4W

Light source type: LED

Function: Wireless remote control for dimming and toning

Application area: 8-15㎡

Recommended reason: Just like a cute shape with only a small mushroom hanging upside down, the flexible and soft line design and transparent material perfectly achieve the amazing visual beauty; the dynamic and stylish switch light tracking effect, the light can be adjusted at will The color allows you to say goodbye to the dull feeling of the traditional dining pendant lamp. With the wireless remote control design, the operation is simpler and easier.

May you be in a quiet corner 9 chandeliers floor lamp recommended

PART1: porch multi-head chandelier

Editor's note: The entrance lamps generally go to two extremes, one end is practical, the pursuit of convenience and intimate lighting, the other end is beautiful, and the pursuit of a little entrance aesthetics. From the overall effect of changing this porch in the picture, we know that the lamps that can match this environment must be very decorative in themselves, but at the same time they must not be the complicated and exaggerated crystal chandelier, because the door leaf, the stairs All visible elements of this space, such as handrails, wall waistlines, and staircase levels, present a complex look. Thankfully, the owner found this lamp, a stepped retro black iron copper wire lamp, and the three bulbs themselves are retro artworks.

Editor's note: This is a living room chandelier. The whole chandelier is inspired by a tree shape, like a tree with deep leaves but long trees. The whole lamp can be divided into three layers, the first layer has 5 lamps, the second layer has 3 lamps, and the first layer is the largest one lamp. The nine lampshades have only two shapes, spherical or lotus shaped. The surface of the lampshade has rotating white ripples. In addition to the glass material of this lampshade to highlight the texture, the retro copper plating of this lamppost is also very eye-catching.

Editor's words: The chandelier in the stairway, the editor's favorite lamp, the shape is not complicated, 5 crystal glass chandeliers, the light pole has a certain length, so these five lamps all present a dangling shape, making I was pleasantly surprised by the use of a light hook on the top bracket of the light pole, that is to say, when there is a hall wind passing through this aisle, you can also see the lamp shake like a wind chime. For the lighting effect, this is full of experiments Sexual and creative. In addition, the five lampshades of this lamp are carved through repeated crafts. On the copper gasket at the bottom of the lampshade, there is also a wonderful Baroque lace. In short, such a small work has many exquisite small details.

PART2: living room floor lamp

Editor's note: The designer of this lamp is unknown, but from the point of view of the selection of materials and the setting of lines, it must be a person with deep internal skills. The overall shape of the lamp is refreshing. The black electroplated iron pole is used as the lamp pole to provide stability for the overall lamp. The base is a regular square iron piece. The material and processing methods are the same as the lamp pole. The whole lamp modeling thought is used on the lampshade , Two symmetrical cones in the shape of a crater, taking into account both the upward and downward illumination of the light.

Editor's note: an old lamp, the exquisitely created lamp post and lamp holder are designed in one, the lamp holder is trident, and the same material iron is used to add a book storage design, this book holder can not be small Look at it, it can add points to the stability of the entire lamp. The lampshade was later equipped by the owner, and this hand-woven lampshade brought a fresh breath to this old lamp.

Editor's note: The typical modern-style lighting works adhere to the consistent concept of playing tricks with simple elements, presenting a refreshing and neat sense of comedy. The four silver brackets support the lampshade to the entire lamp in one go, used at the bottom The four thinner metal sensations cross and fix each other. The white lampshade on the top is a regular flat cylinder, and the lighting light is cooler.

PART3: adjustable universal light

Editor's note: Pixar-inspired styling lamps have achieved a good reputation in lighting products due to the high flexibility and adjustability of the bracket. The entire bracket is composed of four sections and five flexible arc "joints" to adjust The device brings a different look and feel to the whole lamp. The lampshade is white and black inside, and the color is classic. The extended right-angle thin frame of the lampshade is outlined for extra points.

Editor's note: An industrial wind-mining lamp with solid iron base and unusually heavy weight. The lamp holder has two brackets and is connected by three joints. The overall appearance is old. The lampshade is small and slender, ensuring the concentration of light.

Editor's note: The same is an adjustable lamp. This one is a bedside wall lamp, but it has broken the conventional wall lamp design idea. The owner is also an avant-garde trendy person, so he will boldly choose such a lamp. The main body of the lamp is not Complex, two integrally designed lamp holders, both ends are bent at right angles and connected to the lamp, and finally the two same products are put together, integrating such a lighting lamp that can adjust the angle, the light can be far and near, can Focusing can diffuse light.

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