[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Wardrobe is one of the essential homes for modern women and men. The overall wardrobe is more and more suitable for modern decoration. The reason is that the overall wardrobe style is uniform and can be customized according to the needs. Therefore, the choice of the overall wardrobe is very important, let us look at the advantages of the good brand in the overall wardrobe brand ?

Wardrobe brand

The overall wardrobe has a strong sales advantage, which has won a broader market. Convenient and convenient, in the past, when consumers were decorating their homes, there were two ways to decorate the wardrobe: carpentry on-site production and purchase of finished products. The former can be tailored, but the quality is not easy to match the home space. Rafael's overall wardrobe brand products absorb the advantages of both. In addition, it is factory-made, eliminating the hassle of hand-made, especially for young people who are busy with work; rational use of space. It can be designed according to your needs. After being put into the home, it will form a feeling that the wardrobe is recessed into the wall. Not only can it be cut into a hanging space, but also the space can be placed in the top space. Through the choice of the color of the wardrobe sliding door, and the decoration of the entire room.

A good wardrobe brand overall wardrobe is very conducive to modern home life. However, a good wardrobe brand overall wardrobe must have a reasonable design, designed to reflect a good overall sense, in order to be more practical and convenient. According to the designer of the decoration company, the structure of the bedroom largely determines the width of the overall wardrobe of the good wardrobe brand and the design of the internal space structure of the cabinet. Considering the different needs of the space and the owner, the interior of the cabinet must be adjusted differently. .

A good wardrobe brand overall wardrobe is a large piece of furniture, its placement directly affects the overall layout of the bedroom. Design a reasonable good wardrobe brand overall wardrobe location, taking into account the reasonable wiring of other home appliances, wire network and so on. Based on the principle of the overall style of the bedroom and the main melody color, the cabinet color of the overall wardrobe, the style of the wardrobe sliding door, the color of the door panel and the floor to be selected, the bed frame, the bed cover, the curtain, etc. should be selected in advance. The color and style of the product are coordinated. For the decoration of most of the current rooms, it adapts to the modular and integrated decoration trend. The good wardrobe brand overall wardrobe, the overall study room, the shoe cabinet, the locker and even the TV cabinet are tailor-made, and it is necessary to plan ahead. Better decoration effect.

The professional wardrobe brand overall wardrobe will be more particular about the material. According to the salesperson of the wardrobe, at present, the overall wardrobe of the good wardrobe brand on the market mostly uses medium density fiberboard and double-sided melamine finish. The production of the assembly line and the automatic machine edge sealing ensure the tightness and fineness of the whole wardrobe brand. The large-scale production makes these products more reliable than the quality of the scattered hand-made. If there is a problem with the quality, there are more Strong after-sales.

Original design is another secret weapon. “The original innovative products have greatly promoted the sales of terminals. We emphasize that we don’t copy any brands. We will launch new products every two quarters every year. Now we have invited Italian designers to be consultants and give us fashion-oriented design solutions.” According to Jin Liwei, president of the global operation of the Rauka wardrobe, Lauca proposed the concept of “six-force drive” this year. “Six-force” means productivity, product strength, image power, training, service and marketing power. The company will focus on “six forces”. “To build a brand in an all-round way, to provide consumers with cost-effective products.

Doing a good job is an important experience that has been tried and tested. "The whole wardrobe has an old-fashioned topic that is wrong, and service is a good way to make up. Now the most painful thing for consumers is that the company has faults and leaks while the service is not timely." Tang Bin pointed out that Marg first had to put his own The products are done well, and the service is made faster on this basis, so the consumers are already satisfied.

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