Flexi-bar Feili Shifei Rod Germany imported rehabilitation version

Fei Li Shi, based on the resonance principle, can act on the deep muscles of the body. These deep muscles only have a reflective work under the action of external forces, which is difficult to reach in traditional sports.
Deep muscles are muscles that maintain and coordinate our body posture, which support and protect the spine. Many illnesses, such as disc herniation, sciatica, neck pain, muscle weakness, etc., are caused by deep muscle strain. The modern fitness concept emphasizes fitness from the inside out and emphasizes the exercise of deep muscles.

1 , treatment of back and cervical pain - only Feili can train deep core muscles


Fei Li Shi originated from physical therapy and is a specialist in the treatment of back diseases. Felicity relies on gentle vibrations to reduce tension, increase muscle strength, improve muscle fiber alignment, and make the back muscles work as a whole, thus supporting the daily movement of the spine.

The human abdominal muscle group consists of six muscles, which are distributed in different depths from the ribs to the pelvis. They provide support for the spine and the chest, called the core muscles. They are also involved in the breathing process. Core muscles are especially important because they provide support for the body's body shape, and they also play a role in shaping the human body. The closer to the spine, the deeper the muscles, the more important it is to maintain spinal stability and body shape. They are also important conditions for maintaining the health of the back.

Ordinary exercise can only train the superficial muscles. Felix can train the core muscles in the middle and deep layers, which is not possible with other traditional fitness.

By vibration, Felix can improve these deep core muscles as a whole. Choose different training methods, postures and techniques, and you can do different training for different back pain symptoms.

2 , fitness - Fei Li Shi is a portable, simple, fun fitness, and can be combined with any existing fitness training


Felix is ​​suitable for any fitness group, from professional fitness to beginners.

Whether you are doing whole body training, or abdominal training, or even Pilates training, you can use it without restrictions. You can use Felix as the last ten minutes of abdominal training, or you can warm up your muscles as the beginning of your whole body training.

Put a Flygt training stick in your car trunk to relieve stiff muscles after a long drive; you can also take it to the gym and use it to strengthen your muscle load while you are doing muscle training; Brought to the office to ease the tension on the shoulders sitting in front of the computer for a long time.

3 , weight loss, shaping - Fei Li Shi is a more efficient way to lose weight


Feili Shi has unique advantages in slimming, improving posture and removing big belly: Fei Li Shi is suitable for obesity in various degrees and various positions; Fei Li Shi can activate more muscles throughout the body; The key is that Flygt's movements are very efficient, and traditional resistance training (such as weightlifting) only exercises 40-60% of muscle fibers. The vibration training can exercise 100% of the muscle fibers, and the muscles vibrate 270 times per second.

4 , correcting body type - Feili can improve the shoulder, back and abdominal muscles that affect the posture in a short time


Another advantage of Felix is ​​that it can correct and improve people's posture in a short period of time. Few other fitness methods can be used to perform muscles that affect the body's best posture, such as Flygt.

This is because the muscles that pull the shoulder blades down, such as the upper muscles of the trapezius muscles, do not get real exercise with the usual instruments. This is why even many professional athletes are not correct or they have back problems. Not only the muscles under the shoulder blades, but also the muscles between the shoulder blades will be exercised quickly. If the muscle endurance of these muscles is improved, the bad posture will be corrected accordingly.

At the same time, the muscles in the cervical region will also be strengthened. These muscles must be able to withstand a head weight of around 6 kg.

Different Felix exercises can also strengthen the shoulder whirlpool muscles. The whirlpool muscles are also difficult to exercise in most other fitness equipment. This will result in an internal rotation of the shoulder position, resulting in a hunchback.

Another important factor in maintaining good posture is solid abdominal muscles. It is the medial abdominal muscle that helps to form a flat abdomen and has a positive effect on the position of the pelvis.

5 , postpartum recovery - Fei Li Shi is a progressive training for the mother


The purpose of postpartum exercise is to restore the body, prevent or reduce the physical discomfort and dysfunction caused by production, mainly to assist the recovery of the pelvic ligament, the recovery of the abdominal and pelvic muscle groups, and the restoration of the internal organs of the pelvic cavity. If you do not exercise in time after childbirth, abdominal muscle weakness, back pain and stress incontinence may occur in the long run.

Felix training can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles. The mother can be progressively trained without efficiency and without violentness. Vibration training is more conducive to postpartum spinal stability, improve postpartum back pain, enhance uterine contraction, help consume fat, and increase body and organ elasticity.

6 , injury rehabilitation - regardless of the cause of the injury, as long as the muscle is injured, Felix will play a role in recovery


You can use Flygt to gradually improve a range of injuries, including:

Disc herniation  


Tightening nerve injury

Knee injury

Shoulder injury

Hip injury

Ankle injury

Elbow strain

7 , the elderly - Fei Li Shi help improve the joint function of the elderly, reduce pain (such as back pain), prevent falls


For many people, aging is accompanied by weaker strength, lower balance, reduced joint flexibility, and general reduction in physical fitness. Conducting flexible fitness can avoid as much as possible the health problems often encountered with age.

It is important to maintain strong and flexible muscles and joints, especially the external muscle groups on the legs and shoulders, as well as the core muscles that stabilize the spine. Keeping your muscle system strong and flexible can help you live a healthier life.

Preventing falls is also a very important issue. For the elderly, having strong and flexible muscles reduces the risk of falls.

8 , children - Fei Li Shi can promote children's spine and body development health, improve concentration  


Felix has a special version of the children's version, suitable for children aged 6-14 , also suitable for overweight children to lose weight.

The development of the human body is the most important in childhood. Felix can help the healthy development of the spine, improve muscle coordination, and create a healthy and perfect body shape. Felix can also help children increase their concentration and relieve stress. The fun of Fei Li Shi is an important factor in ensuring that children are not bored and insist on training. This is rare in today's fitness.

9. Athletes - The effectiveness and stability of Felix training is not provided by traditional training forms.  


World-class athletes use Flygt as part of their special training to improve overall response time, strength and balance of core muscle groups. Strong and flexible core muscles are important in any sport. The unique and effective Felix training has a good effect on the improvement of sports performance.

Fei Lishi training can improve sports performance mainly through:

Strengthens the core muscles to support and stabilize the entire spine, thereby increasing body flexibility and joint mobility

Automatically repair muscle imbalance due to repetitive exercise

Increase blood flow into the wound and toxin-bearing blood flow from the wound

Improve integrity, speed up response time and increase body balance


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