Hunan Kaida Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. and Hunan Kaida Industrial Co., Ltd. are professional companies that develop and produce scientific instruments such as laboratory centrifuges, blood cryogenic operating tables, biological safety cabinets and incubators. The company's main scientific research personnel have been engaged in the research and development of centrifuge products for more than 20 years, and have conducted a series of in-depth studies on the core technology of centrifuge products, and made major breakthroughs, such as: rotor photoelastic test, resistance method strain measurement test , Theoretical calculation of axisymmetric finite element method, etc., the company continuously introduces foreign advanced technology and combines with domestic colleges and scientific research units to develop a new generation of centrifuges driven by variable frequency motors, microcomputer program control, easy operation, safety and reliability, Now we have developed and produced 50 series of centrifuge products in four series (high-speed centrifuge, low-speed centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, large-capacity centrifuge). Using modern high-tech development of biological safety cabinets, cryogenic consoles, and incubators.

diameter more than 40cm, Cotton Rope Basket

Large cotton rope basket

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