In the purchase of laminate flooring, due to the difference in the manufacturing process (referring to the advanced level of production equipment) of the manufacturer, the quality of the product has a great impact. The laminate flooring has the unparalleled advantages of solid wood flooring: it is not easy to be deformed, wear-resistant, durable and durable, easy to install, flame-retardant, easy to care, good maintenance, etc. It caters to the fast pace of modern people, eager for easy and concise lifestyle. According to the statistics of the national authorities, the market share of the laminate flooring market has reached 46%, far exceeding the sales of any kind of flooring.

Good materials, in order to have good quality, good equipment can produce first-class products, as the saying goes, do not know the goods, goods than goods, shop around the three do not suffer, all understand the scale of the manufacturer. The ability of the equipment to operate can help you to further understand the quality of the product.

In the specific purchase, you can refer to the following four points:

1, the surface wear resistance

This indicator is selected according to the occasion of use. The family has a general 6,000 rpm or more, and a public 9000 rpm or higher. There are four main types of wear-resistant flooring, and the wear-resistant paper (trioxane content) is about 30g, its wear resistance is about 4000g, and its wear resistance is about 5000g, and the wear resistance is about 44g. About 9000 rpm, the content is 60 grams, and the wear resistance is about 19,000 rpm.

Detection method: In the purchase option, in the absence of machine test, as long as a surface of No. 0 sand skin surface friction 50 times, if there is no trace, it has reached more than 5000 rpm, the general specification manufacturers, outside the product All the packagings are marked, the performance is performed, and the number of anti-friction turns.

2, free formaldehyde content:

In any viscose building material, it contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. When the formaldehyde is excessive, the human body is harmful. If the human body is exposed to a high concentration of formaldehyde for a long time, it may cause cancer. The national standard is ≤1.5mg/L.

Detection method: What can I do if the formaldehyde content cannot be detected in the field procurement? Teach you three tricks: A look at the test report, whether the national inspection-free products, general export products manufacturers can reach international standards. Second, the smell of the substrate is not pungent, the wooden standard is very delicate, self-illuminating, the current domestic use of large sub-substrate (national level enterprise, national inspection-free) will be the first choice. The third is to look at the price. According to the authority of the returning authority of the Forestry Bureau, most of the domestic laminate flooring is between 70 yuan and 160 yuan. Below 70 yuan (except for preferential activities), the materials and processing are generally a bit problematic.

3, water absorption and swelling:

The more the indicator, the more the floor is about to swell, the density of the material is about easy to absorb water, and the national standard is ≤10%.

4, internal bonding strength:

The greater the strength, the tighter the bond between the layers of the wooden floor. The state stipulates that this index should be more than 1Mpa. Generally, the medium-high-density substrate and Bairui environmental-friendly substrate have the tight degree of integration.

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