The removal and detection of heavy metal ions in drinking water is a major research topic facing humanity in the 21st century. Heavy metal ions exist in drinking water in a variety of forms, as long as a small concentration produces toxic effects, and has a sustained and amplified effect. Therefore, it is essential to develop a technology for efficiently removing and detecting heavy metal ions in drinking water.

Recently, a research team led by Prof. Liu Jinhuai, the 973 chief scientist of the Bionic Functional Materials and Sensors Research Center, Institute of Intelligent Research, Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Sciences "Introducing Outstanding Overseas Talents" Huang Xingjiu, led a research team to prepare the first egg-shaped jellyfish-like γ-AlOOH ( Boehmite) @ SiO2 / Fe3O4 hollow magnetic microspheres, which can efficiently remove divalent heavy metal ions such as Pb2 +, Cu2 +, Hg2 +, Cd2 +, Zn2 +, etc. in water, and can solve the difficulty of recycling conventional adsorbents through magnetic separation Puzzles. At the same time, the research team of the research team used egg-shaped jellyfish-shaped γ-AlOOH (boehmite) @ SiO2 / Fe3O4 hollow magnetic microspheres to modify the electrochemical electrode, which can achieve trace Pb2 +, Cu2 +, Hg2 +, Cd2 +, Zn2 + five heavy metals Ions achieve high-sensitivity and simultaneous electrochemical detection, and have very good selectivity and detection limits. After a series of demonstrations, the research team of the research group showed that there is a correlation between the electrochemical behavior of the modified electrode and the excellent adsorption performance of the modified material, and on this basis, a heavy metal ion detection model of adsorption-electrochemical reduction-elution was proposed. It has extremely important scientific significance for revealing the electrochemical behavior of nano-material modified electrodes.

The above research work has obtained the National Key Basic Research and Development Plan (973 Project) "Basic Research on the Application of Nanotechnology to Remove Micro Pollutants in Drinking Water", "Basic Research on Nanomaterials Application for the Detection and Treatment of Traces of Persistent Toxic Pollutants" 1. Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China's major research program "Basic Research on Nano-manufacturing", the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Introduction of Outstanding Overseas Talents" Hundred People Program and other projects. Related research results have been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 's internationally renowned academic journals "Materials Chemistry Journal" (J. Mater. Chem., 2011, 21, 16550-16557) and "Chem. Commun." , 2011, 47, 11062-11064).

Absorption capacity curve of egg-shaped jellyfish-like γ-AlOOH (boehmite) @ SiO2Fe3O4 hollow magnetic microspheres for removing Pb2 + in water

The egg-shaped jellyfish-shaped γ-AlOOH (boehmite) @ SiO2Fe3O4 hollow magnetic microsphere modified electrode realizes high-sensitivity simultaneous detection of five heavy metal ions in water: Pb2 +, Cu2 +, Hg2 +, Cd2 +, Zn2 +

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