[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Low carbon (low carbon) means lower (lower) greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide-based) emissions. Low carbon is closely related to the lives of consumers, and no industry can stay out of it. The overall wardrobe industry is more necessary to transition to low carbon because it has to use a lot of wood and consume a lot of electricity. Then, how does the overall wardrobe industry realize the transition from high carbon to low carbon, and how to deal with the low carbon era?

Green wardrobe

Enjoy the green overall wardrobe industry in the low carbon era

Comply with the trend of the times

Regardless of whether people are willing or not, one fact that has to be acknowledged is that the world has entered a low-carbon era. Governments are vigorously promoting the process of the low carbon era. All efforts to achieve a low-carbon economy and a low-carbon society will be supported by government policies and affirmed by the public. On the contrary, all actions that hinder the process of low-carbon economy and low-carbon society will be restricted by government policies and society. The disdain of the people. It is undeniable that the implementation of low carbonization, our overall wardrobe industry will sacrifice some short-term benefits, but we should also see that the implementation of low carbonization will bring us more long-term benefits of the overall wardrobe industry. It can be said that the implementation of low carbonization is a good thing for both fame and fortune.

Industry chain hand in hand

The overall wardrobe industry is also an industry in which the upstream, middle and lower reaches of the industry chain are closely integrated. Upstream refers to raw material suppliers, including plates and hardware fittings, edge strips, adhesives, etc. Midstream refers to the overall wardrobe manufacturer. Downstream refers to the overall wardrobe dealer. As the saying goes, a slap in the face does not ring, in order to achieve the low-carbonization of the overall wardrobe, we must rely on the joint efforts of the entire industry chain, the effort of relying on one link is not enough.

1, upstream. It is necessary to actively explore the research and development of wood substitutes, and gradually replace traditional plates such as MDF and particleboard with new low-carbon plates (such as polymer plates), or improve the methanol content of MDF, particleboard and UV plates. At the same time, improving production quality standards within the enterprise can reduce consumption and reduce costs.

2, the middle reaches. The whole wardrobe enterprise is located in the middle layer of the custom furniture industry. It has the ability to support the new and low-carbon plates. New product development. At the same time, the production workshop improves the production equipment and modifies the production process that suits it, strengthens the scientific management, and puts into use the information management system to minimize the waste of materials, electricity and labor.

3. Downstream. Things are rare, the leverage of supply and demand determines the price; there is a market for demand, and we must build a low-carbon wardrobe era, starting with the demand terminal. Now “low-carbon”, “low-carbon economy”, “low-carbon society” and “low-carbon city” are popular all over the world. All major domestic media have analyzed how to deal with the “low-carbon economy”, if it can build a low-carbon economy. The society has a close relationship with every consumer and living person. There is no harm but no harm. I believe that every consumer agrees with both hands. Therefore, when the policy is from top to bottom, it also cooperates with the market mechanism to promote low-carbon concepts to consumers and guide consumers to accept green wardrobes and enjoy low-carbon life.

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