[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The cloakroom is a separate space. For limited rooms, the cloakroom can be used in combination with other functional areas or ingeniously open. Even the corners can contribute to a strong coat storage area.

Case number one:

Wardrobe knowledge

The side of the wall originally used for white space was customized to create a cloakroom. The material is simple, the iron pipe is matched with the chest of drawers, and the small pieces can be put into the drawer in the hanging storage. The corners are also equipped with a coat mirror, which is the ultimate function. The entire area is extremely small.

Case 2:

Cloakroom design

The spacious attic is not only made into a gorgeous and comfortable bathroom, but also designed into a cloakroom with the innermost position. The whole body is red, very eye-catching, adding up to 1 square meter of space, storage is the ultimate, shelf, hanging rod, door Cabinets, the storage design of these subdivisions is the secret.

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