Ningbo Haitian Co., Ltd. developed its own domestic newest HTF3600X plastic injection molding machine new product appraisal meeting held on July 8, 2002 in Ningbo. 
The meeting established the identification committee composed of Professor Wang Xingtian of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Deming Zhongming and Ma Mingdao senior engineer as deputy directors. 
The meeting heard Ningbo Haitian Co., Ltd.'s summary report on the trial production of the machine, visited the prototype, made a demonstration of the product in kind, and reviewed the relevant technical documents provided. After careful discussion, the appraisal committee believed that:
First, the provided technical documents, product drawings, process documents, etc. are correct, uniform, and clear, and meet the relevant standards and specifications. 
2. The Ningbo Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (National Quality Inspection Institute) conducted 22 tests, and all technical parameters were in compliance with the Chinese Machinery Industry Standard JB/T7267-94 "Plastic Injection Molding Machine" and the user's special requirements. Technical requirements. 
Third, unanimously held that: the machine has strong plasticizing ability, high speed of moving mold, good running stability, low noise, no leakage, sensitive response of electrical and hydraulic control systems, stable switching, convenient adjustment of production molding process parameters, and reliable operation of the whole machine ,high productivity.
Fourth, the whole structure is compact, reasonable layout, beautiful appearance. The clamping mechanism adopts a double-bend elbow-five-point inverting force-expansion mechanism, and a hydraulic auxiliary support cylinder is used to move the template. The structure is novel and reasonable; the injection part adopts double cylinders and double guide mechanisms. The electrical control system uses a special injection molding machine control system, TET liquid crystal display; hydraulic system uses a multi-pump combination and pressure, flow ratio control, has a fast response, reliable use, pressure and speed can be adjusted steplessly, can be used for dimensional accuracy High-profile, complex-shaped production of large-scale plastic products. 
Summary: This machine has beautiful appearance, reasonable mechanical structure layout, advanced control system, special computer and hydraulic proportional control. It is an energy-saving electromechanical integration product, which fills the gaps in the domestic market. The technical performance has reached the same type in the international 1990s. The level can replace imports. 
This specification machine is a necessary equipment for the production of large-scale plastic parts in the automobile, shipbuilding, logistics and environmental protection industries. It has strong international market competitiveness and broad market prospects. Economic and social benefits are obvious. It is recommended that users actually put into mass production after use.

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