Glass shards and used bottles can be turned into treasure in a glass studio in Kenya, and craftsmen with skilled craftsmen use them to create novel, unique and versatile glassware.

This glass studio is located next to Nairobi National Park. A pile of glass pieces and glass bottles are the raw materials of the factory. More than 70 workers put it in a high-temperature furnace to melt, and then use the steel pipe to design the molten glass according to the design. Shape, blown into a variety of glass products. Every product here is hand-made, so the designer's job is particularly important. The designers first chalked out their inspirations and ideas out of paper, cut them out with paper, made final designs after repeated modifications, and then made products according to design, so that there was a piece of glass with different characteristics. Appliances, each one is a piece of art that embodies the sweat of designers and workers. From colourful colorful glasses, lampshades, vases, to ingenious inlaid jewelry, small and exquisite glass ornaments, these products are not only popular in East Africa, but also attract many foreign tourists. The owner of the studio also often traveled to various countries to introduce people to the unique glass products he produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Damascus Knife is high-end quality kitchen knife, made from VG10 steel, AUS 10 steel. Damascus kitchen knives are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering, and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge.

If you like to purchase a best knife, Damascus knife will be your choice.

Damascus Knife

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