Used to make hollow glass products such as cups, vessels, bottles, cans, light bulbs, etc. For artificial blowing, a hollow iron blowpipe with a length of approximately 1.5m is used, one end of which is to draw glass liquid (picking material) and one end is a blowing mouth. After picking the material, it is rolled on the rolling board (bowl) and blown to form a glass froth. The product is blown in the mold; it can also be blown without a mold and finally knocked off from the blow tube. [Source: 中国包装瓶网] When molding large products, it is necessary to pick and roll the material repeatedly to collect enough material. During mechanical blowing, the glass melt flows from the glass melter outlet and forms a set weight and shape droplets through the feeder. It is cut into the initial mold and blown or pressed into the initial shape, and then transferred into the molding mold to blow Products. The blow-blown method that blows into the initial form and then blows the product is suitable for making small-mouth containers and bottles. The pressure-blowing method for pressing into the initial shape and then blowing into the product is suitable for making large-mouthed containers and thin-walled bottles and cans.

Corning belt blowers are a special type of mechanical blowing. Firstly, the glass liquid is pressed into a strip shape with a spacing block by a roller, and a plurality of blowing heads of the blowing machine are synchronously operated on a glass ribbon and blown into a preliminary shape, and then the molding die is blown to form a product. Suitable for the manufacture of bulb shells, electronic tube shells, cups and so on.

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