It can't be cheap, and it doesn't have to be too wasteful. What kind of indoor door is cost-effective, of course, we must make a decision after shopping for three cases.

Control costs î—¥ î—¥ not too expensive
î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ principle of saving resources, there is no need to choose too expensive interior doors. Affordable solid wood veneer doors, mixed wood color doors, solid decorative plywood doors, etc. are all good choices.
There are many modern wooden door finishes, and the use of veneer and stickers is very common, but the grades are completely different. When consumers buy, it is very important to figure out whether solid wood, veneer or stickers. Solid wood and veneer can be called “wooden doors”, while stickers can only be called “grain wooden doors”. Experts remind consumers to first check whether the product has a product certification issued by the state when purchasing a wooden door, and must pay attention to check the wooden door category detected by the relevant department on the product certification to avoid being fooled.
Do not buy ultra-low-cost î—¥ î—¥ the cost of wooden doors in the total amount of decoration investment is generally 5% to 6%. Due to factors affecting prices in materials, paints, labor, processing technology, corporate profits, etc., the price of wooden doors on the market is also very large, ranging from 800 yuan / set to 3,000 yuan / set. Because the processing technology content of wooden doors is not very high, competition often only works from materials, labor, and paint, and there is bound to be a difference in quality. Therefore, after understanding the regular price in the market, try not to buy ultra-low-priced products.
  purchase method   material to be dried   attention to the door material should be consistent with the overall decoration of the material. It is understood that the wooden doors on the market are mostly made of pine or imported filling materials as the core frame of the door, and the outer MDF and solid wood veneer are made by high-temperature hot pressing, which is called “solid wood composite door”. The so-called "all solid wood doors" in the eyes of consumers, due to price reasons, are generally only used for parts and parts with less material, such as wood strips, edge seals, etc., even for imported high-grade European wooden doors. Drying materials, that is, dried wood, should be used instead of naturally air-dried materials, because the biggest disadvantage of air-dried materials is that they are easily deformed.
î—¥ î—¥ process to be hot pressed î—¥ î—¥ to make the wooden door durable and not deformed, must use the strictly dried solid wood keel (10% wood moisture required in Beijing area), the internal filling material structure is reasonable, in line with the principle of mechanical stress cancellation, In order to ensure that its appearance is deformed within the specified range. The state has three criteria for appearance indicators: advanced, intermediate and general. The wooden door of good quality should be formed by hot pressing process, the edge of the solid wood edge banding machine is mechanically sealed, and the sanding machine is smoothed and sanded to ensure that it is flat, firm and beautiful.
î—¥ î—¥ choose artificial wood door to see the finish, that is, the shape and paint color; second look at the proof, look at the toxic content; three look at the material solid wood material; four look at the work, whether the size of the rules, strict seams.
î—¥ î—¥ consumption tips î—¥ î—¥ complex styles are more expensive î—¥ î—¥ If your room decoration is traditional Chinese style, you can choose the lattice door or affordable flat door and plywood parquet door. The surface of the door is flat, the bottom is light and deep, and it has a decorative effect. Some families choose to make the door frame and door cover by the decoration team, and the Chinese carving on the upper part of the door is outsourced to the carving maker. But this has laid a problem for the paint. Because a door is made by two, it is a problem whether the painting is uniform. But if it is outsourced to a Chinese-style door maker, it will cost more.

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