GREGORY is a professional backpack manufacturer from the United States. It is the best-selling brand backpack in the United States. It has been the leader in North American backpack sales charts for many years. Its backpacks have 10 series in total.

In 1977 Wayne Gregory founded the brand gregory in Santiago, which was produced behind the house and sold in front of it. In 1983, Wayne worked with others and focused on developing new technologies. The local environment was ideal for testing products and developing new products. In the following years, the production workshops were all moved to Vietnam and China. Wayne continued to focus on design and quality.

Wayne Gregory is a stranger in the wild in the United States. As early as Wayne's childhood, he already knew how to use the mother's sewing machine to make backpacks for himself. Wayne himself is also an Eagle Scout, providing more opportunities for Scouts to experiment with his designed backpack. Finally in 1977, Wayne Gregory formally set up his own company to produce backpacks. The current production locations are in the United States, Vietnam, China, and Mexico.

Wayne Gregory

Wayne believes that there is only one comfortable tip for a large backpack that fits well. As long as the backpack's straps and belts' position, length, and arc are consistent with your size, no matter how heavy the backpack is, the weight will naturally shift to the right place so that your backpack will be borne by your "body." Instead of relying solely on the shoulders, the pressure on the shoulders is greatly reduced.

Therefore, Gregory backpack did not use any fancy high-tech design. First of all, each backpack is available in different sizes for people of different heights. The straps and belts can also be adjusted in length and angle. The straps and belts can be exchanged for different sizes so that each backpack can make more than 100 sets. Different combinations, in order to be able to adapt to the needs of different heights and thin people.

Thanks to the excellent performance of Gregory backpacks in stature adaptation, Gregory backpacks have won numerous awards in more than 20 years, and they have been selected by many Snow Mountain expeditions, field schools, and even special forces of the US military. Even Wayne Gregory won the reputation of “master backpacker” in the industry.

GREGORY backpack main material:

210D High Tension Cordura Nylon

The main material used in the Gregory series of backpacks is the Double Box anti-tearing matrix weaving method, which is the use of 2 sets of thick yarns, and then combined with young yarns to form a matrix of anti-tearing oxford than traditional The single yarn style has the advantage of being lighter but more wear-resistant and tear-resistant, with a 1.2oz thick waterproof membrane on the back.

G-30 Fabric

Gregory is an ultralight fabric developed for a new generation of ultralight backpacks. It is a high-strength 30D tear-proof nylon crucible, which is then immersed in a siliconizing solution to allow the siliconizing agent to penetrate into the fabric to fill the space between the fibers. On the one hand, the yarn is locked and the strength in tear-proof is enhanced. In addition, the fabric is hardened to enhance its strength. The degree of toughness far exceeds that of other fabrics at the same level, and it is even more durable in terms of waterproof performance.


Gregory has been using a super-abrasive cloth for the bottom of the backpack. It is formed by immersing 1000D thick nylon cloth in Vinyl glue, making it extremely wear-resistant and waterproof.

AeroTechTM High Breathable Mesh

The use of three-directional weaving method of the net cloth, more than ordinary net cloth cool, very fast dry after sweat absorption, used to cover the back pad, straps and belts inside.


The Gregory Backpack has a thick zipper #5, #8 and #10. All zipper heads are plated with nickel or chrome to prevent oxidation. Some models use a new generation of waterproof zippers, eliminating the need for zippers. It can further reduce the weight of the backpack.

Dyneema 140 Denier Ripstop

Dynemma (also known as Spectra) is one of the toughest fibers in the world. The carbon molecules in its composition have a close arrangement with the carbon in the diamond, so its tenacity is ten times stronger than that of steel. Gregory associates it with The 14dD nylon is woven into a tear-proof cloth to achieve a balance between tear-proof, wear-resistance, lightweight and price. It is mainly used for backpacks that need to be lightweight and durable at the same time.

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