The book of make-up has a profound university question. How to dig it out depends on everyone's intentions. Today, let's take a look at the two embarrassing situations of eye makeup techniques , and then how can we get rid of this kind of jealousy? Come check it out.

Eye makeup tips keep you away from these puzzles

Eye makeup tips å°´å°¬ 1, creamy texture is impossible to start

Just when it is a ready-made palette

After Chanel first made four eyeshadows into a creamy texture, many people were dumbfounded. Can you stun? The level is not good, right? In fact, its best makeup tool is the finger, the temperature of the fingertips is particularly easy to fit the skin. When you encounter this kind of texture, you should use it as a ready-made palette, conservatively from shallow to deep, and bold and deep, and can make a lot of surprises.

This uses the M rule:

Pearlescent texture is also a stealth color

Daren got this box of eyeshadows and screamed, and it couldn’t be used for the whole face. Before the bottom, use the sponge head to smear the pearl color to draw a few lines in the T area and the law line, and then on the foundation, the five senses will look very three-dimensional. After finishing the makeup, before using the loose powder to fix the makeup, you can also draw a little finger along the bridge of the nose, and the nose becomes quite quite.

The milky yellow block is a "golden oil"

This color is neither as dazzling as gold nor too dull. The original design was used to give the eyes a base. But its color is really too practical, the makeup artist found that it can be used for concealing (if it feels too light, you can also adjust the brown color next to it), take a little more and the color of the coffee next to it, after hitting two inches and too high The forehead/hair bun border is the most convenient and versatile repair powder.

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