Summer is the golden season for outdoor sports. Camping, sleeping, hiking, trekking, crossing... Outdoor sports can not but mention outdoor equipment. Some equipment looks inconspicuous and dispensable, but it lacks it. The effect of playing is greatly reduced, and it is really unpleasant to play.

Here are some of the summer travel equipment that is also recommended for some travel necessary equipment, fast drying clothes to sunscreen, to see if you are missing that?

Quick drying clothes:

Let's talk about what is "fast-drying": The so-called "quick-drying" is actually a literal translation of similar words such as quick-dry or dry-easy English, and "quick-drying" actually refers to the type of clothing and cotton. Compared to quality clothing or wool clothing, it will lose moisture faster and dry under the same conditions. Therefore, quick-drying clothing is not mysterious, there is not much high-tech ingredients in it, unlike GORE-Tex can confuse a bunch of people, to put it plainly is the clothing of chemical fiber fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics are varied, some are acetic acid Viscose fibers, some are blended, mixed with some cotton or other ingredients, are numerous, but the overall characteristics are roughly the same: not waterproof, non-absorbent, have a certain anti-splashing function in light rain, have a certain permeability, body temperature or Under the influence of the wind, it dries quickly, and the wearing comfort varies depending on the fabric.

Is it important whether the shirt is important or pants? Personally think that should pay more attention to the choice of pants, summer activities, the requirements of the tops are not high, after all, mainly walking. According to the requirements of the above environment, the selection criteria for quick-drying clothes will come out. But there are two main factors to consider: comfort and wear. The trousers are worn, and the comfort of the synthetic fabrics is not as good as that of cotton. If the fabrics with low comfort are selected, the inner thighs will be rubbed after being wet, which is absolutely unforgettable for the marching. The test is easily broken, red, and inflamed. If you do not wear, the fabric is not strong. When you go upstream, you will see a rock. Immediately, you will see a piece of white flowers. Haha, the boys do not matter anymore. Girls can just ^^, :), I have seen one, others Pants, down the mountain, pants change shorts, the whole outfit. In addition, the pockets of trousers are not much related, I usually do not put anything in the pocket of my pants when I am outdoors. Otherwise, it will affect the leg activity and waste energy. Imagine putting a pound in the pocket. The military dao, what is the feeling of climbing.

During the hot summer months, water sports are one of the most popular outdoor sports. Upstream, canyoning, crossing, and rafting. These projects must be in close contact with the water. After the contact, the clothes will be wet and the clothes will be wet. Wearing on the body is not comfortable and bad for the body. In addition, the summer visitors are prone to sweating, sweat, wet clothing is equally uncomfortable, especially after just sweating and then being blown by the wind, the body's hot and cold alternate is particularly prone to illness. Therefore, going out of the wild in the summer, preparing a set of quick-drying clothes can make the hydrophilic exercise become extremely dry, and it can also avoid the trouble caused by sweating.

Compared with ordinary clothes, quick-drying clothes are comfortable and easy to organize and carry. Because the fabric is not hydrophilic, it is difficult for water to stay on the clothes. At the same time, the cloth is specially treated and has good perspiration permeability, so it has the advantages of quick-drying, wear-resistance, tear-resistance, and stain resistance.

The quick-drying sun shade high collar design shields the sun and effectively prevents sun damage. The sleeve cuffs and buttons of the sleeve design make it easy to pull the sleeves at any time. The elbow is simpler and more practical than the leg, which effectively matches the movements of the shoulders and elbows and solidifies the clothes. Underarm and back invisible vents with perspiration net cloth lining, can effectively perspire heat. There is also a zipper-type pocket, combined with a snug mesh design for quick and easy access to belongings without compromising comfort. Quick-drying pants The design of the activity belt buckle can flexibly adjust and lock the waist circumference. With the elastic waistband, the ductility of the waistline is increased to meet the needs of the user. The cutting of the three-dimensional pockets and multi-space design can meet the storage requirements to the maximum, all force positions are solidified, and there is no need to worry about storage safety. Removable trousers can meet the needs of summer and autumn tourism or long-distance outdoor activities. The design of long shorts is best suited to sudden temperature changes and wading journeys on the way. The vertical knees fully consider the bending angle when the knee joint is active, and the three-dimensional arc is cut at the knee position. Although the appearance is rough, it ensures the comfort and flexibility during exercise. The trouser legs are also adjustable. This is a versatile design. The adjustable area is from trousers to knees. It can both adjust the elasticity of the trouser legs and control its breathability.


It is an essential skin care product for the summer and it is also an essential piece of equipment for outdoor sports. In general, summer outdoor sports are all started in the morning, and when they arrive at the destination, they are basically close to noon. This time is the highest temperature in the day and the strongest ultraviolet rays. When the skin is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, it will cause Burns of 1 to 2 degrees and heat stroke may occur. Generally 30 times, but in Lijiang, Shangri-La area must be 60 times!

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are generally low-waist, because walking shoes are designed to take some good road conditions and have to walk for a long time, so the protection offered by the hiking shoe soles is to protect your feet from perspiration and ventilation. This is also very good. Hiking shoes can be an important reason for casual wear in the city; in addition, summer selection of walking shoes should take into account the anti-skid nature, because summer rain is more, anti-skid performance is more important during walking.

outdoor tent

Low-altitude camping can resist light rain. The design focuses on ventilation, followed by resistance to the weather. Usually the top cover is a screen of ventilation, the bottom is nylon cloth, and there are external accounts. However, the foreign account can only withstand light rain and cannot resist strong winds. Suitable for summer beach lawn leisure camping.

lighting device:

In the summer camp outdoors, camping, can not avoid lighting equipment, such as: flashlight (charging, discharge batteries), headlights, camp lights (steam lights, oil lamps, battery lights), Kunming ass line outdoor Chen suggested alternate headlights as well , to facilitate your hands to do something else. Shan Rui's first choice!

Hiking insecticide

Because the donkeys all want to go the road that others have not gone through, it is common to encounter insect pests and be attacked by mosquitoes on these undeveloped routes. Especially when camping in the wild, it is inevitable to be harassed by mosquitoes. For these troubles, as long as you are prepared in advance, you can effectively prevent it. The serpent is usually encountered in the wild. If you do not provoke it, it will slowly slip away. Snakes in Yunnan are generally toxic, so when you enter these areas, you must remember to take some snake medicine. If you don’t bring medicine, the general method you can take is to take the dao at hand, cut the meat bitten by the snake, and remove the venom. Extrude, or use a match to burn a place where poisonous snakes bite.

In summer, you often encounter grasshoppers in wet trees. Grasshoppers are divided into three types: dry grasshoppers, water grasshoppers, and parasitic grasshoppers. The two are often encountered. In the weeds in the stream, especially in places with decayed dead wood and moist cover, it is easy to encounter drought grasshoppers, while the water grasshoppers lurk in the grass. Once people enter the water, they quickly swim out. In the body of humans and animals, it only left after a full meal. The grasshopper on the leaves feels the heat of the person and will fall to the person's body. The dry grasshopper specifically finds arterial blood vessels to bite and when it bites, it secretes a vasodilator and ***. Therefore, when a person is bitten, he does not feel itchy. After the licking, the leeches that suck the blood will fall off automatically, and the blood flow will not stop at the wound. Afterwards, he will often leave bruises.

If you are found to be bitten by a grasshopper, do not rush to pick it up. The proper method is to use butter, or to burn its ass, it will fall. After the leech has fallen off, apply some iodine or alcohol to the wound. Otherwise, infection may occur. If there is no iodine or alcohol, charcoal can be burned with bamboo leaves or smashed with fresh bamboo leaves on the wound. This can also be used to prevent infection and stop bleeding.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear long trousers in places where grasshoppers are found, and to put socks on the outside of the trousers and tighten the trousers, which can effectively prevent the invasion of grasshoppers. The exposed areas should be coated with anti-mosquito agents or anti-spreading ointment. The taste of these agents can keep the leech at a distance.

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