UV series inks are the latest foreign high-quality raw materials imported, using a unique formula of technological innovation, produced for various bank cards, telecommunications cards and other special UV offset printing inks, can completely solve the domestic card industry with ordinary ink printing cards The following problems often occur:

1. Ink or varnish sticks to the steel plate during the business card lamination;

2. The ink color changes during high temperature lamination;

3. Laminating film after card making, the peeling strength of ink is too low;

4. Ink is not suitable for coding and spraying after card making.

Shanghai UV offset printing ink can fully meet the processing requirements of printed cards, and has unique advantages in high-speed printing, high adhesion performance and complex molding processing.

1. Product Features

1. High temperature resistance: high temperature resistance, no discoloration;

2. Peeling strength: high peeling strength, which can reach more than 5N / cm2;

3. Lamination: good lamination, non-stick steel plate;

4. Flexibility: After curing, the ink film has good flexibility, and the ink film is not easy to break after the grinding of the printed matter;

5. Smell: Smell is small, suitable for products with high odor requirements;

6. Adhesion: It has excellent adhesion performance, suitable for printing of non-absorbent materials such as PVC, ABS, PET, OPP;

7. Process adaptability: the dots are clear, and the cured film can be suitable for thermal transfer coding, hot stamping and coding. [next]

2. Precautions for use

1. About plate

Offset printing: You can directly use the negative PS version or the positive PS version for UV ink. If you use the ordinary positive PS version, you must go through the baking process.

Resin relief: Please use nylon resin relief.

2. Rubber roller: It is recommended to use UV special rubber roller or dual-purpose rubber roller for ordinary offset printing ink and UV ink;

3. Blanket: Both ordinary offset printing ink and UV ink blanket can be used;

4. Fountain solution: The fountain solution sold on the market can generally be used, but the fountain curtain solution containing a lot of gum Arabic cannot be used;

5. Cleaning fluid

For cleaning plate: UV plate cleaning agent;

For cleaning rubber roller: UV818 cleaning agent;

6. Ink auxiliary agent and use limit

Adjust ink UVJ-10000% -5%, reduce ink viscosity, increase ink flow performance;

The desalting agent UVJ-20000% -100% reduces the color strength of UV offset printing ink; the viscosity of the ink and other rheological properties and printing performance change little.

It has a slight effect on the fluidity, gloss and consistency of the ink.

Viscosity reducer UVJ-80000% -20%, to reduce the viscosity of the ink while maintaining the ink elasticity

7. Storage conditions: Keep tightly closed in a cool and dry room, avoiding places where the room temperature is too high above 30 ° C or in direct sunlight.

8. Regarding the adhesion performance: The adhesion varies according to the type of substrate, so you should check the adhesion of the ink with tape before starting printing, and select the corresponding UV ink.

9. Regarding the post-processing performance: sometimes the post-processing of gluing, laminating, bronzing, etc. is required after ink printing. At this time, appropriate glue, film and bronzing materials must be selected. And after the test, it is better to formally print.

10. In safety performance: please do not stick the ink to clothes or skin for a long time, sometimes allergic phenomenon may occur, so please pay attention to protection when using, and wash it in time after use.

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