Israel DNR Imaging System Co., Ltd. is the world leader in gel imaging equipment. It was the first to design a video imaging system with a darkroom in the imaging device without the need for a transfer process. DNR Imaging Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 by the merger of Dinco, an Israeli hospital supplier of X-ray and microscopic equipment, and Rhenium, an importer of laboratory equipment. Imported biological imaging equipment. In 1994, DNR established its own research and development department to develop biological imaging systems. Through 10 years of efforts, DNR has developed and put into the market through its own global sales network, a complete set of video imaging systems for biotechnology research. Many DNR systems have been used in university laboratories, governments, pharmaceutical and biological research institutes all over the world. DNR continues to focus on the cutting-edge video imaging system industry, designed to meet the needs of advanced imaging in comprehensive laboratories, as well as high-quality imaging in medium and high laboratories.

For frequent business travelers, if you don't like the hotel's disposable Toothbrush and the ordinary toothbrush is not convenient to take out, then this Foldable Toothbrush is a very good choice. The part of the brush holder has become a toothbrush sleeve after folding. It not only saves space, but also protects the toothbrush well. The brush head of the folding toothbrush is the same as the household toothbrush. It can be soft fur or hard wool. It is very comfortable and clean.

Foldable&Travel Toothbrush

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