In 2004, the price of oil in the international market continued to climb. The average annual price rose by 33.17% over the previous year. The rise in crude oil prices has led to a substantial increase in the cost of raw materials for chemical products. According to statistics, from January to November, the purchase price index for chemical raw materials rose by 8.46 percentage points. The increase in costs naturally boosts the price of chemical products. In addition, domestic coal, electricity, and transportation are in tight supply, and prices have increased. From January to November, the purchase price index of fuel power has also risen by 9.21 percentage points, which has also increased the production cost of ink to some extent.

In September 2004, Sun Chemical announced that it will increase its ink price by 3%-7% on October 1. This is the first time in four years that the company has changed ink prices, and the company’s investment company in China Taiyuan Gao’s Announced that the company's ink price rose 4%-8% from January 1, 2005. Followed by Flint Ink North America announced that from January 1, 2005, the price of commercial ink products will increase by 6%.

Unlike in 2004, beginning in January 2005, national authorities began to predict that, compared with 04, the price of crude oil in 2005 will steadily decline, and conservative estimates should be able to stabilize to the price of 40 US dollars/barrel, with Domestic supplies of coal and electricity have eased. The price of ink raw materials should be reduced in 2005. However, almost all ink manufacturers seem to be interested in the rise in ink prices. Due to the intensified market competition and the country’s environmental protection requirements. The continuous improvement, the improvement of employee benefits and treatment, and the increase in the cost of transportation and logistics have caused another important aspect in the increase of ink costs. It can be said that the thinning of profits caused by the increase in costs has made more ink manufacturers unable to support it. The overall increase in the price of ink is definitely not a matter of time. It is just a matter of how many problems. Authoritative sources analyze that the ink will steadily increase in 20055 %-10%, and there will be no more fluctuations