In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, various types of commodity packaging have also become colorful in response to the trend of the times. Enterprises have increasingly valued the appearance and dominant image of product packaging. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, the inherent quality of products and competition in packaging and decoration will also become increasingly fierce. For example, the packaging and decoration of snack foods, children's foods, handicrafts, tourism products, gifts and export products are all the more important. In recent years, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, and gradually attracted the attention of many countries in the world. Not long ago, the World Packaging Organization and the State Economic and Trade Commission had approved the construction of the Asia Packaging Center of the World Packaging Organization in China to form an industry center integrating R&D, manufacturing, trade, and information in Asia and build a world packaging industry to transfer to China. The "platform" provides a high-level and comprehensive carrier for the world packaging industry to land in China. However, judging from the current domestic packaging industry, compared with developed countries and even some developing countries, there is still a certain gap. From a comprehensive level, China's packaging industry is in the modern packaging industry level, high-tech content, a clear positioning The leading image and other aspects are far below the standards of similar industries in developed countries. According to statistics from the Customs, the State Inspection Bureau, the Economic and Trade Commission, and other departments, from 1998 to 2000, China’s economic losses caused by poor packaging were more than US$7 billion a year.

It can be seen that product packaging technology is low in content, lack of a clear dominant image positioning, not only difficult to go out of the country, even if it is difficult to occupy a certain market in the country. Because packaging design and clear positioning, as an important component of the brand image, will play a positive role in the cultivation of loyal consumer groups, and more importantly, the dominant image of product packaging, but also determines the high level of product quality. From a certain point of view, the dominant image of product packaging is also an important part of creating a brand. Therefore, to say that products must be superior in terms of price, unique shapes must be used to attract consumers. Unique styling is just inseparable from it. Exquisite and personalized packaging.

In recent years, Shandong Jinshao Group has been attaching great importance to the leading image of product packaging when building its own “Jinyu” meat product brand, whether it is the original “Jinju” ham sausage or the new product “Adding the Calcium Gold King”. The use of children as a branding propaganda in packaging is even more obvious. Its vivid and lively leading image has left a deep impression on people. For example, a little boy dressed in red and tiger-headed holds a product, raises his arm, praises the image of “King and King of Calcium,” and a young boy and a little girl taste the ham and laughs. A highlight of the dominant image of ham sausage packaging. Its mascot—a gold-clad doll that knocks on a small beggar—is even more lovely and appears consistently in all packaging and its various promotional materials. All of these product packaging and brand promotion based on the lively and lovely children's image have left a deep impression on the minds of consumers. People can't help but like these cute children's images, and they also have products. A desire to buy from the heart.

It is precisely because of the use of children as a dominant image in product packaging, “Jinju” has a clear positioning of children in creativity and design, thus forming a very good brand effect. It can be seen that as the ham sausage industry, the positioning of brand promotion and packaging design is clear, especially with children who are the main consumer groups, and there are not many such successes as “Jin Yong”. The packaging design and product name of "Jin-Jin" are pleasing to the ear, people never forget it, and it can arouse people's rich associations, and the dominant image on its packaging is the lively and lovely children, thus giving the "Jin Jue". The ham sausage's dynamic product creates a more humanistic effect. Of course, in recent years, many brand enterprises have noticed this phenomenon in packaging design and product promotion. They have used children as the leading image of brand promotion, such as Wahaha, Robust, Mengniu, McDonald's and many other famous brands. Including children's food and some brands, but also the children used for packaging design and product promotion of the dominant image, such as melatonin, Skyworth, Crest and other brand-name products, in this regard is very successful, can be exemplary.

At present, China's packaging industry is relatively prosperous. On the one hand, it is due to the huge demand for packaging products from the domestic market. On the other hand, due to the drastic increase in export products, the packaging industry is responsible for more than 3 trillion yuan in domestic commodities and 1000 yuan each year. Multi-billion dollar export goods packaging task. Such prosperous growth potential and broad prospects for development have prompted the rapid development of the domestic packaging industry. In some places, the packaging industry has become a local pillar industry, and the scale, equipment and product quality of the packaging industry have approached the international level. However, judging from the comprehensive level of some domestic packaging companies, there are still large gaps in the basic image creative design and high-tech content of modern packaging basic industries and packaging. Therefore, when the domestic packaging industry is pursuing international standards and actively participates in competition in terms of its inherent quality and novelty, aesthetics, and practicality in packaging and decoration, apart from paying attention to environmental protection and introducing international standards, another important link is designing and Creativity enhances competitiveness and enables people to be impressed by the dominant image that can attract consumers in an instant. We know that the design of commodity packaging in developed countries fully embodies the “people-oriented” design philosophy of aesthetics, practicality, and environmental protection, and its products are often sold well. In contrast, the domestic packaging design is relatively fragile, and the design of many enterprise product packaging and even the design of the packaging and materials must be done abroad, and some companies are not only simplistic in the design of packaging and the use of materials. The grandstanding, and wasted a lot of packaging materials. These are not only leaving a huge market gap for domestic packaging companies, but more importantly, it is difficult to compete with the packaging industry in developed countries, the market is not open to development, even shrinking due to weak competition, or out of the market.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, the opportunities and challenges of the domestic packaging industry coexist. In particular, some multinational packaging companies have come to invest and set up factories in China. This has accelerated the pace of convergence between China's packaging industry and the international packaging industry. The domestic packaging industry is facing greater competitive pressure. To this end, our packaging industry must establish aesthetics, practicality, environmental protection, and design concepts that incorporate international standards in development and competition, and adhere to the “people-oriented” principle in the dominant image of packaging. Only in this way, will domestic packaging companies have market competition? The magic weapon can only possess the dignity and honor of a company in order to survive and develop.

Reproduced from: China Foods



PVC/ Polyester Hood with High Visible Reflective Safety Rain Coat


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Thickness: 0.30mm; 0.32 mm

Size: S-XXXL


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           2.100% water proof, Economy- Intended for One Time   Use  or Reusable

           3. With reflective tape

           4.Heat-sealed seams to ensure a waterproof fit

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Safety Rain Coat

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