According to the latest issue of New Scientist magazine, scientists at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom used Raman spectroscopy to detect the authenticity of medicines in the presence of vials or plastic packaging.

Scientists say that the Raman analyzer irradiates the laser light into the drug sample so that the drug molecule emits infrared radiation. The frequency of Raman infrared light emitted by each chemical component is different. As a result, each substance will produce a unique spectral mark, which will make it possible to leave The medicine is distinguished from the real medicine. Scientists said that small hand-held testing equipment based on this new technology is expected to come out this year.

Scientists say that this detection technology also has certain flaws. For example, because the detection beam cannot penetrate opaque packaging, it is impossible to detect the authenticity of the medicines in such packaging.
Earlier, there have been studies demonstrating that Raman spectroscopy can be used to analyze the composition of bones, jewelry, or industrial materials. (Ge Qiufang)

Reprinted from: China National Times

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