The multi-cavity anti-theft bottle cap injection mold developed by Hangzhou Wahaha Group Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has recently passed provincial appraisal in Zhejiang Province. The mold is a 32-cavity mold that can produce more than 30,000 bottle caps per hour. This kind of mould was originally imported from abroad, each set will cost about 200,000 US dollars, and the time will take about 3 months. Self-control only requires 750,000 yuan, and the time is about 6 weeks. It has good social and economic benefits. Experts of the appraisal committee believe that the three-time forced ejection technology, balanced hot runner system and bottle cap mold common mold base used in the mold are highly innovative, and the mold performance and quality have reached the domestic leading level and can be mass produced.

Reprinted from: China Industry News

A good Rolling Pin is a fundamental item to hold in your kitchen arsenal. This simple kitchen tool is absolutely essential for pastry and biscuit making, but also for making pizza, pasta, dumplings or flatbreads. It`s not as simple as picking up a traditional wooden rolling pin though – they`re now available in lots of different materials like marble, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and silicone all of which are beneficial in different ways and should be used for specific kitchen tasks.

Rolling Pin

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