As China's economy is in line with the rest of the world, many Chinese-made products need to attract consumers through exquisite packaging and decorating, which makes label printing the fastest-growing area in the printing industry in recent years.

Due to the continuous improvement of market demand, the technology of label printing is also constantly innovating. The most prominent performance is that the process is more and more complex, the materials are more and more diverse, and more and more short-term orders are being made. Under such circumstances, rotary screen printing, as a very special process, plays an increasingly prominent role in label printing.

Rotary screen printing was invented by Dutch company STORK in the middle of the last century. Later, GALLUS and other companies in Switzerland also had their own screen printing system. However, since STORK not only has an advanced and independent screen printing workstation, it can be easily connected to any kind of rotary printing equipment, but also has a unique honeycomb screen printing plate, which makes screen printing change the traditional silk from a mechanism. The uniqueness of web printing makes screen printing an unprecedented diversity of effects.

The screen printing effect common in the label will be described in the form of a picture below.

As can be seen from the above effects, rotary screen printing has the following advantages.

(1) Strong colors and good coverage;
(2) Achieve ice and frosting effects;
(3) It has a good base effect and can be used for printing film materials;
(4) Fine lines can realize micro-counterfeiting;
(5) Seamless joint pattern;
(6) The gradient effect is good;
(7) Imitation hot stamping effect is good.

In short, as label printing continues to mature in the domestic market, the application of rotary screen printing in the label printing market will become more and more widespread.

Reprinted from: Printing Technology

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