1. The anti-counterfeit label silk screen part mainly refers to the coating part and partial anti-counterfeit printing solution.

2. If the coating part can be varnished, try not to cover the membrane as much as possible. The cost of the peritoneum is high, and it is not easy to cut.

3. When making labels, you can partially varnish, try not to varnish the entire.

4. The thickness of the screen mesh during screen printing directly affects the thickness of the coating, and the density of the thinner directly affects the aesthetics of the coating.

5. Screen printing screens are oily, water-based, and water-proof except for dripping and anti-counterfeiting, which are generally oily.

6. The larger the screen mesh screen printing, the thicker the screen printing effect, the thicker the coating, generally 250 mesh ~ 350 mesh.

7. The relationship between silk screen and ink, the thicker the ink, the finer the screen design, but if the dilution is not enough, the shell may also rise.

8. Screen printing is related to layout and design. The larger the layout space, the better the position adjustment during screen printing. Screen printing is also related to the weather. Too wet or too high temperature will affect the effect of screen printing. Generally, when the temperature is high, dry water or slow 783 should be added. When the temperature is low, dry water should be accelerated.

9. The silk screen should pay attention to the customer's individual label requirements and coding. There is a certain relationship if the coating is thin on the coating; if the coating is not printed, the coating should be thick; the other is the font when coding Stroke as clearly as possible but as fine as possible.

10. Silkscreen is related to the order in which the labels are placed: those with serial numbers and those without serial numbers should be distinguished.

11. Screen printing should pay attention to the problem of materials. Different materials have different inks and practices.

12. The silk screen should pay attention to whether it needs to be laminated in the subsequent processing. If the part of the silk screen is easy to fall off or wipe off, it should be laminated.

13. Silk screen should pay attention to whether to register, generally offset printing is better, but often silk screen printing can not be printed offset printing, so, often said that silk screen is omnipotent.

14. Silk screen should understand the performance of the ink, and must understand the screen, position, adjustment, repair and washing.

15. The silk screen should pay attention to the surface not to be pasted or blistered;

16. It is worth reminding that when doing drip anti-counterfeiting, it is generally recommended to complete it at one time, because such screens often have a pause in the middle and may not be available.

17. The silk screen should be made according to the production order. If the temperature change anti-counterfeiting should pay attention to whether the temperature change disappears or the temperature change discolors; it should be noted whether the temperature change effect is reversible or irreversible.

18. The performance quality standard of silver powder on the surface of the silk screen is: it can be scraped off with nails and cannot be wiped off with fingertips.

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