The liner of the printing plate will have a certain influence on the quality of the printed product. When using the color sequence of the JS2102 folio double-sided printing machine, the author has encountered the situation that the quality of the printed product has failed due to the problem of the plate liner.

Dirty print

When using the JS2102 folio duplex printing machine to print black and spot color two-color jobs, it was found that the upper half of the gripper on the front of the product was densely dotted and dirty, which seriously affected the quality of the print.

The operator first inspects the ink, because the ink is a specially formulated spot color ink, which is usually published for printing. If too many auxiliary materials are added to the spot color ink, the viscosity of the ink will be reduced, and sometimes the stain will appear. But after the inspection, there was no problem with the ink. Next, the operator inspected the printing plate and printed the packaging city, and did not find the phenomenon of gluing. After wiping the floating part of the printing plate with phosphoric acid and wetting powder, and then printing, the printed product still appears floating. Then, the operator inspected the water roller, washed the water container with the water roller, and checked the pressure against the plate. As a result, the printing effect was still not improved. Sometimes the ink plate press pressure or the ink volume is too large, the same problem will appear. Therefore, the pressure of the ink roller was tested, and the accumulated ink on the ink roller was removed with waste paper, and there was still a problem of scumming after the trial printing. As a result, the operator made additional increase and decrease experiments on the liner paper in the blanket, but the failure could not be eliminated. In the end, I tried to add a pad of paper to the printing plate, and when I printed again, the problem of dirty printing was eliminated.

Prints are partially emptied

During the printing process of the JS2012 folio double-sided printing machine, the operator found that there was a illegible writing in the middle of the front of the printed product, the area was the size of a coin, and some words were short of short strokes. Check the blanket immediately and found no trace of rolling. Check the printing plate again, and there is no abnormal phenomenon such as page-off. So the manuscript, the operator continued to check the blanket, apply the reducing agent to the position where the blanket and the printed product are falsified, and try to print, the printed product is still partially fuzzed. The operator opens the printing plate to check the pad paper, replaces the pad paper with new ink supply, and prints again, and the phenomenon that the printed product is partially false is gone.

Although the above two failures are not major problems, they both pose a threat to the quality of the printing, and the reasons are all due to the thickness of the printing plate liner. Therefore, the operator should pay attention to the inspection of the plate pad.

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