The development trend of business is the chaining of sales and the automation of transactions. In large shopping malls or supermarkets, there are many products, customers choose, just pay at the exit. Although this kind of shopping environment is convenient, but the goods are easy to be stolen if no anti-theft measures are taken, especially small items such as books and groceries are more likely to be lost. In this regard, the camera monitoring device installed in the mall and at the exit can make the situation in the mall clear; at the same time, the POS system can be used to realize automated transactions and monitor and record the charging process.

POS system

The POS system is to combine and improve the functions of the electronic cash register and the computer terminal, and immediately enter the account when completing the commodity transaction. It has a strong real-time processing capability. It is usually installed in the shopping and consumption place and the collection point of some charging stations. Depending on the application, the POS system can be divided into commercial POS and fee-based POS. If combined with the MIS system, it can constitute a business system of a commercial enterprise. The POS system can be divided into two parts: the front-end POS sales system and the back-end management system:

1. Front desk POS sales system

It is used to manage the daily sales business of shopping malls, mainly including POS cash register, returns, wholesale, discounts, inventory and other services, and can also complete offline sales emergency handling under abnormal circumstances. It supports multiple payment methods, especially for users to use credit cards to realize electronic currency transactions and reduce cash circulation.

2. Background POS management system

It is used to manage the purchase and sales of stocks in shopping malls and realize the control of the capital flow, logistics and information flow of shopping malls.

The POS system is composed of many POS terminals, network equipment, host computers and auxiliary equipment. The computer network is the core of the system. It can be either a local area network, or a metropolitan area network or a wide area network. The POS terminal has a CPU and various interfaces, which can perform real-time data collection, processing, and transmission. The auxiliary equipment of the POS system includes magnetic card or IC card reader, barcode scanning reader, bill printer, password keyboard, swipe keyboard and other input and output devices.

Electronic anti-theft design of valuable goods

1. Composition of electronic anti-theft system EAS

In order to ensure the safety of open-selected valuable commodities in shopping malls or supermarkets, electromagnetic, microwave and radio technologies can be used respectively. When the valuable commodities are not taken out, an audible and visual alarm will be generated. This is the electronic anti-theft system EAS, which consists of the following three components.

Labels: There are mainly paper labels and hard labels. Paper labels are affixed to various film and television discs, video tapes, and supermarket goods. The bar code is printed on the label, which looks like a general price label, but there is a thin metal line on the adhesive surface. Hard tags are hard tags that are difficult to be removed or destroyed. They are usually buckled on clothes, purses, handbags, shoes, electrical appliances, and other commodities.

Decoding board and extractor: The decoding board is placed at the collection place and is used to invalidate the paper label. After the customer pays, the clerk needs to put the goods close to the decoder board to make the label invalid. The extractor is to remove the buckle from the hard label after the customer pays, so that the goods can be carried out without generating an alarm. Hard labels can be reused.

Devices for detecting the failure of tags: The devices for detecting tags have the following types depending on their working methods:

RF system (8.2MHz): This system is a pair of antennas consisting of a radio frequency transmitter and a radio frequency receiver, which are installed on both sides of the customer exit channel, and the channel width is 1m ~ 2m. When the customer carries the goods without payment, because the label on the goods is not processed, when passing the antenna to the detector, it will interfere with the signal received by the antenna and generate an alarm. This device is suitable for supermarkets, department stores, record stores, clothing stores, etc .;

· Single antenna system (2.1MHz): It is installed with a single antenna in the center of the store exit channel, and the detection distance on each side is about 1.2m. It is mainly suitable for products with hard labels such as clothing, leather shoes, wallets, handbags, etc .;

· Electromagnetic (EM) system: It uses electromagnetic waves to detect, suitable for libraries, supermarkets and other occasions. Its characteristic is that the label is small, the label can be attached to the metal surface, and can be decoded when borrowing the book, when the book is returned, put the book on the reduction board to restore the label, reset the protection of the book, the detection antenna distance is 0.8m ~ 1m.

2. Work flow of EAS system

The next goal of the electronic anti-theft system is to integrate the labels used in the electronic anti-theft system with general product labels, to simplify the complicated locking procedures for label attachment, to enhance the anti-theft effect, and to expand the market scale. Another way to promote the use of electronic anti-theft trademarks is to develop a three-in-one label that combines the functions of anti-theft, brand identity, and maintenance of goods.

The electronic anti-theft system will eventually become an important peripheral component of the computer, and can be installed through programming. The design of the system must use open logic in order to be more competitive in the market.

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