Reform and opening up have made China an economic power. To realize the "Chinese Dream", advanced modern education must be used to boost it. At present, China's basic education urgently needs to be reformed in six aspects.

One is the reform of the principal team. Becoming an educator-style principal is a new requirement for principals in the new era. Therefore, principals must be professionalized, which requires deepening the reform of the principal team, abolishing the administrative appointment system, and selecting and appointing principals in accordance with the principles of "open selection, equal competition, and merit-based appointment". Only thoughtful principals can run cultural schools. Only with a team of professional and professional principals can we bring out a learning and professional team of teachers. Only by solving this problem can we fundamentally implement the party's and government's policies and ideas for running schools in the new era.

The second is the reform of the teaching staff. Teachers are educators who face students directly. Only by carrying out the reform of the teaching staff can we better implement quality education. Therefore, it is necessary to reform the teaching staff with quality education as the overall requirement. Through the implementation of the full-employment system, the post responsibility system, the performance salary evaluation system and the internal structure salary system, the enthusiasm and initiative of teachers are mobilized, so that good teachers who teach and educate people can enjoy the due respect and treatment they should have. Teachers with corrupt ethics stepped down from the rostrum and no longer misunderstood their children.

The third is the reform of classroom teaching. Classroom teaching is the main position to promote quality education. The main point of classroom teaching reform is that teachers should teach students self-study and truly teach others. Therefore, it is necessary to change the role of the actor of the teacher in the traditional teaching into the role of director, and the role of the audience or audience of the student into the role of the actor. Only by letting students become masters of learning can they stimulate learning initiative, creativity and enthusiasm. Passive "cramming" teaching will only make students tired of learning. This is the reason why some students do not "learn" when they go to university. It is also the fundamental reason why China cannot cultivate outstanding talents. Therefore, the reform of classroom teaching with students as the main body is imminent.

The fourth is the reform of the curriculum system. At present, the basic education curriculum system in China is not reasonable enough. The most prominent problem is that the content in the field of humanities is small, and the content in the field of natural sciences is difficult and deep. Although textbooks on common sense of law, ideology and morals, and mental health are also distributed, the school is basically not equipped with corresponding professional teachers, and the curriculum is rarely set up. In addition, these subjects are not tested in the college entrance examination, and students basically do not go to school.

For most people, life requires more common sense than advanced knowledge. The general knowledge of ethics, civilization, etiquette, astronomy, geography, and human history is common sense that people must understand; natural sciences should also focus on cultivating scientific awareness and scientific thinking in the basic education stage, rather than instilling too much knowledge. This knowledge is actually not very useful for most people, but it takes up too much energy for students. Also, students from all over the country should not be required to learn foreign languages ​​from kindergarten. The current result is that it takes a lot of time and the learning effect is not satisfactory. Therefore, we should inject more spiritual and cultural connotations into the basic education curriculum. Einstein once said: "It is not enough to educate people with professional knowledge. Through professional education, he can become a useful machine, but he cannot be a harmoniously developing person." important.

Fifth, reform of the college entrance examination system. Although various problems in education are related to the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination can only be improved rather than revolutionized, because the purpose of the college entrance examination is to reflect fairness. However, you can make a fuss about how to take the college entrance examination and everything. We must reform the college entrance examination proposition and college entrance examination form to make the college entrance examination baton lean towards quality education and guide education to the right direction and philosophy. Such as reducing the difficulty of natural science content, increasing the content of humanities, and including socialist values ​​and traditional cultural values ​​and ethics recognized by the entire nation in the college entrance examination. The baton of the college entrance examination should direct people to learn more useful and important things, and should focus on cultivating students' healthy personality and physique.

Sixth, the reform of the employment mechanism. At present, a problem that plagues many units is the lack of talent. In fact, we are not without talents, but lack a more scientific and reasonable mechanism for selecting talents. The government should advocate the concept of selecting and employing people who value education rather than education, truly create an eclectic environment for selecting talents, and establish a mechanism that can make people stand out. At the same time, corresponding measures were introduced in terms of talent assessment, management and incentives. Only by changing this concept and mechanism of selecting and using people can we fundamentally guide people to choose the education that suits them.

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