Seedlings packaging and transportation are an important part of the process from nursery to planting, and often do not attract people's attention.

In production, the construction and afforestation often fail because of neglecting this link. Now we introduce the methods of packaging and transportation:

First, packaging

1, the package. This method is mostly used for seedlings. When packaging, first spread the package on the ground and put some wetted material on it, such as wet sawn wood,

Wet straw and so on. Then put the roots of the seedlings on the mud or add water to the roots of the hydrogel roots. Add the seedling roots to the roots.

After putting the seedlings to the proper weight, the seedlings are rolled into a tube and tied with a string. After packaging, each package is labeled with the species, seedling age, quantity, grade, and nursery name.

2, bundles. Larger deciduous seedlings can use this method. The seedlings will be bundled with 50-100 sticks. The roots will be filled with mud, and the roots will be wrapped with packaging materials. The straw rope is best used for binding.

3, with earth ball single plant packaging. The large seedlings used in urban and rural afforestation should adopt this method. Pouches, straw ropes and other materials are available for packaging.

Keep the roots of the seedlings in close contact with each other to prevent loosening of the clods and loss of water from the roots.

Second, seedling transport

When seedlings are transported, in order to prevent the seedlings from losing water and drying, it is better to cover them with tarpaulins, mats, plastic films, etc. During the transportation, the temperature and humidity in the bag should be checked. If the temperature inside the bag is high, the bag should be properly ventilated. If the temperature is not enough, add water in time.

After the seedlings are transported to their destination, they should be packed or planted immediately.

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