Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 25th (Reporter Guo Wei) In the past few days, Beijing has a bright spring, and the wind is sunny. A large number of citizens put up kites on some open spaces in Beijing. The reporter observed that there are many articles in the small kites. .

(Subtitle) Competitive kite attracts attention

On the afternoon of the 24th, the green space on the east side of the Chinese People's Park in Beijing was crowded with kite-flyers. Hundreds of kites flew over the green space. In addition to traditional crickets, crickets and bees, there were octopus, sharks and "machine cats." "Kites of different shapes.

Four or five triangular kites that tumbling up and down in the air attracted many people's attention. A middle-aged man who puts this kind of kite told reporters that this is a popular competitive kite from abroad, with prices ranging from four to five hundred yuan to several thousand. Yuan can not wait. This kind of kite can use the wind to do some fast-moving, rappelling, formation flight and other aerial movements that can not be done by ordinary kites. He also said that competitive kites have become a sports project abroad. But there are not many people who "play" in China.

(Subheading) Kite becomes "adult toy"

The reporter found that there are very few children and young children in the kite-flying group. Most of the children who come with their parents are watching their parents. After a whole afternoon, the reporter did not see a child who often flashed in his mind and stared at the kite. The scene of running. Those who concentrate on flying kites are basically adults. A parent told reporters that their children not only don’t like to fly kites, but also don’t let them go. “I love flying kites since I was young, but he only likes them. Playing the computer, I can promise to come out with me to release the kite today. It’s already thankful. The kite is now a toy that belongs to me!”

At the same time, a young man with glasses ran back and forth in the same place for several laps, but did not fly the kite, but there was a grandfather next to him, just taking a few steps and letting his kite Successfully lifted off. The old man yelled at the young man and said helplessly: "Young people really don't 'play'."

A kite hawker told reporters that he had a good business these days and could sell more than a dozen kites every day. "A lot of children will not buy it. Let us put it first and then play it again. After a while, their kites will fall."

(Subtitle) hidden in the kite line

While the reporter was watching the "Phoenix" kite flying high, a kite line of "bees" suddenly entangled with the reporter. The reporter swayed up and down, pulling the line while pulling, trying to get rid of the entanglement, but only After a few pulls, the "bee" suddenly broke the line and fell with the wind in the distance.

The hawker who sold the kite to the reporter saw this scene. He ran unscrupulously to the reporter: "I bought my kite right? We use the tire line, especially strong!" He told reporters that there are roughly three kite lines on the market. Species: fishing line, tire line and metal line. Just now the "bee" used the fishing line. The tire line without "Phoenix" was strong, so the two lines met and the fishing line was worn out only a few times. He also said that There is still a metal wire on the market, the texture is better. If you encounter the kind of wire, the tire wire and fishing line will "have finished."

"Why don't you use metal wires?" the reporter asked. "The cost is too high. A kilogram of metal wire is more than 500 yuan. It can only be wrapped around three spools." But the hawker told reporters that it was because of the different quality of the kite line. There will always be broken kites, so they can “recycle” a lot of kites from nearby trees, roofs and telephone poles every day, and they can sell them the next day.

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