Foshan Deshiwei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Chancheng District, Foshan, covering an area of ​​20,000 Square meters, including 15,000 square meters of factory buildings. Since its establishment, the company has established a business philosophy of "achievement of technological achievements, creation of unlimited quality," and "build The world-class plastic machinery manufacturing company "is the business goal, take the road of the development of quality enterprises, strong technology companies, stand out from the competitors, the company continues to grow, the series of products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Spain, Russia , Turkey and other countries. Has become one of the representative enterprises of domestic plastic extrusion machinery. The company passed the ISO9001 quality certification, the European Union CE safety certification. Recently, through the establishment of the "Foshan City Plastic Machinery Equipment Research and Development Center" with the "South China University of Technology Polymer New Forming Equipment National Engineering Research Center", the company has further strengthened its research and development capabilities. The company has a group of technical backbones with senior engineers and masters as its main body. With the participation of the world's top cooperation experts, it has continuously introduced high-quality practical press equipment.

Deshiwei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently producing the world's first-class plastic pipe, profile, sheet, and film extrusion technology. Mature products and services include: 1. Conical twin-screw extrusion technology; 2. Parallel twin screw Extrusion technology; 3, PE, PVC large diameter pipe extrusion technology; 4, multi-layer co-extruded cast film and sheet metal technology and so on.

Deshiwei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. actively develops close technical cooperation with the German company Apas, and complements the development and industrialization of university research institutes. Deshiwei series multi-layer co-extruded cast film production line is the crystallization of many wisdom.

Desiwei series coextruded cast film production line has condensed the following technical achievements:
1. Suitable for high barrier materials and general plastics drying system and technology 2. Screw extruder and technology suitable for multi-layer co-extrusion 3. Gravity feeding system and technology for tight extrusion 4. Realize high barrier materials and general plastics Stable co-extruded melt precision dispensing system and technology.
5, suitable for multi-layer co-extruded T-type head design and technology.
6, to ensure a multi-layer co-extrusion and stable production of casting roll technology.
7. A molding device suitable for the production of high barrier multilayer cast films.
8. Traction and take-up devices for high barrier multilayer cast film production.
9. Multi-layer co-extrusion of high-barrier materials and general-purpose plastics and related process technologies.
10. Full-closed-loop control technology that ensures high-speed, high-efficiency and stable operation across the board.

Deshi Wei series coextrusion cast film production line part of the technical indicators:
1, the output 200-500KG/H
2, the thickness tolerance is less than 5%;
3, high barrier material thickness ≤ 15%
4, high barrier thickness error ≤ ± 3%
5, dielectric layer thickness error ≤ ± 2%
6, suitable for the production of finished film maximum width: 3000MM
6, product structure: up to 5 layers

Series line configuration description:

Extrusion system: The drive system is equipped with a speed feedback device; the transmission system is equipped with a high-torque output vertical deceleration device; and the high-performance thrust bearing of the Swiss company SKF is used to ensure high torque output. The hardened surface gearbox made of special alloys has high life and low noise. Low heat special deceleration device; Barrel screw material: 38CrMoAIA, nitriding, hardness ≥ HV910, barrel surface hardness ≥ HV940; equipped with imported ultra-low noise micro fan; equipped with slotted forced feeding system and forced cooling feeding lining Sets; pressure control system: The host uses a Dynisco company's pressure detection element for closed-loop control.

Fully automatic continuous filtration device: belt type continuous screen replacement method, the entire system consists of filter storage and filter rewinder, automatic screen changer and pressure warning device.

High-temperature melt metering gear pump: It is composed of main motor, gear box, flexible connection device, main pump body and control system. It adopts German technology pump-host-main control pressure full-closed-loop control technology. The main control pressure sensor adopts American Dynisco. company's product.
Multi-layer co-extrusion distribution system: a layered distribution structure that is arranged in front of the melt flow toward the T-die; stainless steel rod heaters are configured; and an individual adjustment mechanism for each flow rate is set.

Co-extruded casting die heads for hangers: Die head material, high quality alloy steel and stainless steel rod heater.
Co-extruded cast system: proprietary roll casting roll system. The main roller structure adopts a multi-layer multi-head spiral structure and is equipped with German SEW high torque output gearbox and SEW's proprietary AC motor and control system with precision feedback function; equipped with heavy-duty bearings and anti-leakage rotary joint system; High-speed and high-stability air knife system, multi-dimensional adjustment system, precision high-temperature vacuum adsorption system, circumferential precision adjustment system, circumferential rotation angle ≤ 5°, high-efficiency cooling function molding system, and multi-layer adjustment function lamination system; High-level function guide membrane device.

Automatic Thickness Measurement System: The gamma ray source and precise transverse scanning device are equipped with a highly safe protection design. Lateral movements use precision ball screw drive systems, servo drives and control systems from Germany's LENZ company, and full computer control and display systems. The application of proprietary control and detection software enables accurate and dynamic display of film thickness parameters with a display accuracy of ≤2%; different detection and scanning frequencies can be set. The highest scanning frequency of up to 20 beats per minute, and a high degree of analysis of the display system.

Traction device: Directly designed traction roller, consisting of a clamping system and a guide membrane system that can accurately adjust the pressure at both ends of the pneumatic control system.

Double-side corona treatment device: A specially designed high voltage discharge system of a transformer generator and a dedicated corona control system.
Trimming and kneading recycling system: equipped with double-headed air duct and super static effect rubbing membrane system and automatic recovery system.
Fully automatic cutting and rewinding device: equipped with all-electric lamination roller and pneumatic structure filming device, equipped with Japanese SMC pneumatic cutting action and control system; online tension closed loop feedback system; equipped with dual-worker flexible winding system; German technology Full closed-loop control system.
Economic development, product diversification, and higher requirements for plastic packaging materials. Such as anti-breathable, moisture-proof, puncture-resistant, high transparency, light crisp; high barrier to volatile substances; inner oil, intermediate barrier, outer layer to facilitate printing; computer and other packaging materials also need anti-static and other functions. Multi-layer co-extrusion technology can meet many needs. Deshiwei independent intellectual property rights of the stable high-speed high-quality series of high-performance cast film production line is willing to provide strong protection for the development of related industries. Welcomed the inquiry.

Source: Machinery Business Network

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