Cutting paper, as the production process of the printing process, directly affects the quality of semifinished products of printed products. Correctly mastering the paper cutting technology is important for improving production efficiency and product quality.

First, the paper cutter structure and working principle

This is a single-sided paper cutter. The utility model has the advantages of wide application, large paper cutting specifications, strong flexibility and high production efficiency. The single-sided paper cutter consists of a work platform, a paper feeder, a paper press, a paper cutting blade, and a knife pad. The role of the working platform is to feed paper and discharge material. The surface has steel balls and air holes set at a certain distance, which can form an air cushion between the paper stack and the platform, reduce the frictional resistance with the platform, and make the paper feeding and paper-ejecting easy. The left and right walls of the paper cutter, the paper feeder and the platform should be at an angle of 90° to ensure that the paper specifications are accurately and consistently cut. The paper press can evenly press the paper stack, which also determines the accuracy of cutting the paper. In general, the larger the pressure of the paper press is, the better it is to prevent the deformation of the paper from affecting the cutting accuracy. The paper press has a screw structure, a spring structure, and a hydraulic structure. The pressure of the paper structure of the hydraulic structure is even and sufficient, and the adjustment control is simple, and it is now commonly used. Its working principle is: the oil pump presses the oil in the oil tank into the cylinder and pushes up the piston to push the lever to press the paper pressure device. The pressure is regulated by the overflow valve. The excess oil returns to the oil cylinder through the overflow valve.

Second, the relationship between blade edge angle and cutting accuracy

The smaller the blade edge angle is, the sharper the blade is, and the higher the cutting accuracy, the lighter the work load of the blade holder, the less wear of the machine, and the lower power consumption. However, the blade angle is too small to be easily worn and damaged, especially when the hard, thick paper is cut. Therefore, the most suitable blade angle is 22°, while for harder materials, 24°/22° double bevel blades are used to ensure the cutting accuracy.

Third, the relationship between the knife pad and cutting quality

The knife pad has the function of protecting the blade and cutting off the "backing paper". It has been found through practice that after the blade and knife pad are newly installed, the quality of the paper cut by the first knife is not always good, and the edge of the bottom paper may not be smooth or even partially cut. This shows that the knife pad not only needs flatness, but also a moderate knife mark. The depth of the knife mark is not more than 0.5mm, and the cut edge is flat and neat. Because the blade and blade strip cannot be absolutely flat, in order to ensure that the bottom paper is evenly cut, the back of the pad is often properly stripped to achieve the desired "shearing" effect.

Fourth, the use of paper cutter should pay attention to the problem

1. Normally, the important parts and components such as machine guide rails, screws and interlocking paper presses should be well lubricated and maintained, and timely repaired to ensure the precision of machine cutting;

2. Adjust the machine correctly to ensure that the paper is cut at right angles. The feeder should not only be 90° to the platform, but also parallel to the cutter. The paper press should adjust the working pressure according to the soft and hard conditions of the cut paper, prevent the paper from breaking and displacement, and ensure the cutting quality;

3, the correct use of the blade, improve product cutting accuracy. After rough grinding with a blunt blade by an electric sharpener, "oilstone" and fine-grained abrasive cloth should also be used for fine grinding to eliminate edge burrs. When cutting, it is advisable to cut several dozens of knives with scrap paper, offset paper and Other soft papers, and to sharpen the edge of the blades to eliminate the edge burrs on the cutting edge and prevent the cutting of the hard paper cutting edge. In summary, correctly understanding and mastering the technical points of paper cutting and using paper cutting machines scientifically and rationally can not only reduce or avoid various failures, enhance the service life of the machines, but also increase production efficiency and product quality.

Source: World of Printing: Kang Kai

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