The energy-curable ink (UV/EB) market continued to grow in 2005, and manufacturers communicating with Ink World are optimistic that this growth will continue into 2006. Tony Bean, marketing manager of Sun Chemical's folding carton department, believes that, globally, the use of energy-curable inks is increasing at a rate of 4%.

But at the same time, he pointed out that in some markets, the use of energy-cured inks may have a higher growth rate, but it still only occupies a small part of the entire ink market.

Mr. Bean said “Global printers are looking for opportunities to provide high-value products and services. They know that the ability to have UV or EB printing allows them to take the initiative in the competition. This is why there are so many press publishers to order UV curing. The reason for the light."

Officials at INX International Ink Company reported an 8-10% increase in energy-cured inks over the past 10 years.

Growing market

The signs show that UV inks continued to expand in various printing fields in 2005. The development of flexible packaging with strong visual impact has become an opportunity for the growth of UV inks.

Dr. Subh Chatterjee, head of the Advanced Technology Group of Sun Chemicals, said: “The use of UV/EB inks in flexible packaging will continue to grow. There are also continuing developments in the UV-curable inkjet market, with UV/EB conductive inks in the electronics and security sectors. The growth of applications and the possibility of UV-curable screen printing inks giving up part of the market share to UV flexible inks due to limitations in printing speed."

Pat Carlisle, president of Joules Angstrom UV Printing Inks, said: "In the existing market, such as the direct mail service industry continues to expand the use of UV-curable ink, they continue to invest in printing equipment, the printing business to UV ink."

According to Carlisle, the use of UV inks still has a chance to grow within a reasonable range, he said: “Printers see the benefits of using UV inks, such as faster curing, which increases productivity. UV inks are suitable for use. In any printing situation, although we have not yet seen growth in gravure printing, we see more growth in the business sector, direct mail industry, and non-direct contact food packaging.UV inks have a lot of growth opportunities What we have to do is precisely tell its customers the benefits."

Kathy Marx, vice president and marketing director of Flint Ink, said, “We have seen a 6%-7% increase in UV inks in the sheetfed market, as energy-curable inks and coatings produce clear and sharp printing results. They are widely used in cosmetics, healthcare and media packaging. The cover of popular exhibitions and publications takes advantage of the aesthetic and wear-resistance of UV inks."

According to Gale Waller of INX International Ink's UV/EB Ink Technical Support Department, UV flexo printing, clear and durable coatings, combined UV rotary screen printing, flexo printing, offset printing, and adhesives are the markets where UV inks are most likely to grow. .

Jonathan Graunke, director of UV/EB ink technology at INX International Ink Company, added: “When printing on plastic, the ink is instantly dried. UV ink is a kind of green ink, so it has many advantages compared with natural gas drying oven.”

Dr. Chatterjee believes that as people become increasingly concerned about global warming, the printing industry may have to consider using energy-curable inks, coatings and adhesives to replace traditional products containing VOCs.

Because the cost of investing in EB components has been reduced, many packaging manufacturers have begun using EB technology in the roll printing of folding carton and flexible packaging.

According to Balmer's point of view, the growth of EB inks is limited to existing applications, "almost no use of EB inks in new areas."

Ms. Waller said: “EB inks are commonly used in the food packaging industry, especially in the packaging of frozen foods, ice cream and cereals.”

Mr. Graunke said, "When the new beam technology can reduce the overall equipment and maintenance costs, the prospects are bright, EB ink lack of PI and the degree of curing contribute to the low level of migration of food packaging."

Ms. Waller said that EB ink has been applied worldwide. "This application is growing, Europe is the largest user of this technology, and usage in Japan, Asia and South America is also growing."

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