"Use of character" and "proper use" all emphasize the practicality of the logo. The logo design belongs to the category of practical art. It is the art of living, the art needed, the carrier of the high capacity of human civilization, the accuracy and concentration of history and culture, and the foundation of a deep connotation and extensive function. It encompasses culture. A thorough understanding of the spiritual and material world, an in-depth experience of the nature of life forms and the overall taste of life. It uses a unique visual and practical principle to create an all-inclusive spiritual existence. It is so grand and extremely far-reaching, so simple and simple, totally natural. Material input and creative determination have become the source of the display of functional features.

Taking the logo of the permanent bicycle designed by Mr. Zhang Xueyou as an example, the author uses a highly-articulated artistic language and concisely summarized performance techniques. The cultural concept of "permanent" and "eternal" has long been rooted in people's minds, with permanent vision, permanent vision, permanent permanence, permanent life, and permanent realm. This is an example of the aesthetic taste and wisdom of the progenitors. The combination of the rules of modern design forms an abundance, plain, elegant and elegant narrative space. The whole logo is the design subject of the word “permanent”, which symbolizes long-lasting and durable meaning. At the same time, it is combined with the brand name through an indicative, imagery, and symbolic abstraction to form a body graphic that resembles a car. The rolling bicycle is vivid and vivid in image, beautiful in shape and beautiful in meaning, rich in simplicity, changing in the rules, and asymmetry in the symmetry, making people’s visual perception practical, recognizable, and organic. Combined jump, flow. Any sign is formed under a certain social background, which will inevitably reflect certain characteristics of the times and the beauty of the United States.

The sign of the permanent bicycle was created under the background of a time when the traits were relatively scarce and the transportation was extremely inconvenient. It strongly advocated the practicality of the brand and the concept of creation that was used first and foremost, with a distinct branding of the times and constantly telling people about it. The style of the year. It is precisely from this point of view of the concept of design, to express the ultimate concern for the people, the situation for the people, the benefit for the people vote. Make the famous "permanent" brand, through the "practical" concept throughout the design, and break through the embarrassment of space form, become a typical example of the perfect combination of form and image under the cultural background of that era. The symbol of the Chinese railway designed by Chen Yongfu was formed by the integration of workers, locomotives, and railway tracks. It was created in the 1950s. This logo uses the "pun" and "coincidence" of creative methods to bring the art of Chinese characters. In the design, two or more kinds of objects have different appearance structures and identical expressions. They are organically combined, dignified and solidified, practical and attractive, impress deeply with touching, vivid and moving, and practically guided. The concept of temptation and the integration of the aesthetics of the era background are integrated into each other, reflecting each other's interests, embodying the design realm of being small and big and winning much less. As a result, it has made a breakthrough for the design of New China, flaunting the characteristics of the industry, voicing a far-reaching voice for the practical principles of the logo, and creating a “hero symphony” of heroic and superb skills with national indigenous logo design. .

The ideological root of the logo design is to use scientific thinking and logical practicality to explore the nature of design, grasp the connotation of the design with clear thinking and regular order, and emphasize standardization and identification. It is an art of embarrassment, limited by the content it wants to express itself, and practical value is its original meaning. Therefore, practicability is an important property of the logo design form. It derives from the richness of aesthetic objects and the limitations of aesthetic subject requirements. It has an infinite spiritual level of transition, and it can be integrated in thinking directly, indirectly, empirically, and in memory. Extract typical elements and integrate and isomorphism according to certain creative goals, so as to create rich forms that allow artistic imagination to sublimate and recreate in the limits. The International Olympic Committee is the highest authority of the Olympic Games. It was established in Paris on June 23, 1889. The design of the logo starts from its practical value and is connected with the relevant colored rings, with red, yellow, blue, green and black. The five colors represent Latin America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. It symbolizes that the peoples of the five continents of the world are united and work hard to create a peaceful and beautiful world. It integrates pluralistic, traditional, secular, practical, and time-based design semantics, fully embodying the Olympic spirit of being faster, higher, and stronger. The entire graphic is vivid and vivid. The shape is concise and concise, and the specific information it conveys is in agreement with the meaning understood by the visual audience.

The principle of practicality of the logo design is like a rich treasure house. Under the guidance of the concept of “preparation for use”, it is meticulous, unconstrained, unpredictable, and subtle, with a sense of rhythm and practical beauty. Leaving on paper. Practical mentality and ability are the minds, temperaments and talents that designers use to feel and cast in the performance design image. Taking the practical creative design concept as the fulcrum, the objective reality phenomenon is generated in the abstract generalization as a creative and realistic creative reality. From the practical display of charm, from the practical form of recourse, from the practical understanding of fashion, change the opportunity, through novel, unique design to achieve the objective of ablating the limitations, avoid the conflict of utilitarian factors, the purpose of stabilizing the practical principles, in order to ensure the design activities are reasonable The effective operation shows the essence of design in the practical static observation. Qiyun is clear in practicality. Lifa is established in practical use. It constitutes a pragmatism in practice, and it is used to grasp the essence of sweating and freezing. Ling Xiao is a practical way of thinking, a broad way of thinking, cross-literacy accumulation, heavy knowledge and moisture, and uniqueness. Conceptual arrangement will make the logo design an independent life that distinguishes it from other symbols, and it will be displayed in the world trend of informationization, visualization and modernization. Design should be based on the sentiment era, reflecting the era, and the integrated era, be different from one, different from the law, and pay attention to the infusion of practicability, develop the potential of self-expression, inspire extraordinary imagination, pay attention to the combination of intuition and subconsciousness, and finally push the logo design toward A proper height.

Author: Ben Liu, Liaoning Institute of Technology / Yang Tianshu

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