The present invention relates to a composition for producing a completely degradable vegetable starch foam packaging material. The composition is based on vegetable starch as the main raw material, and the starch content can reach up to 90%. A small amount of plant fibers, foaming agents and processing aids can be added, and the preparation can be performed by using a single-screw extruder for extrusion molding or a compression molding process. Shaped blister packaging material. The material is light in weight, shockproof, heat-insulating and sound-insulating, and can be fully degraded. After being used, it can be used as animal feed or fermented industrial alcohol to produce glucose. The raw material of the foaming material is a renewable resource. Low and easy to get, the production process is simple, no three waste, is an ideal substitute for polyethylene, polystyrene and other foam materials, can be used for packaging, insulation, thermal insulation and other fields.

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As a cat owner, you have a wide variety of choices when selecting a cat litter.  A cat litter that really does eliminate odor completely, not like some products that fail to deliver on their promises or make some sorry attempt to disguise bad odor with scent. Cats just know that it's comfortable and pleasant to use, while the high absorbency, low maintenance and odor controlling properties make it simple and easy for you. Our Cat Sand creates an odor-free environment that represents the natural elegance of your home, your family and your cat. Cats might not always have access to the great outdoors. And so they rely on their cat litter. And your choosing the right one!





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