On August 17, 2006, Shanghai Fuchi Ink Materials Co., Ltd. convened a new product presentation for air-cushion blankets. Two air-cushion blankets under the newly developed Chunlei brand series - COMPRESSO and DURA air-cushion blankets - were introduced. These two blankets not only gather the outstanding qualities of the famous Chunlei brand, but also incorporate the world-famous Vulcan brand's advanced technology and craftsmanship, marking that the traditional spring buds will emerge with a brand-new appearance and go completely into the era of air-cushioned rubber blankets. .

COMPRESSO - Kangpai air-cushion blanket, its printing quality and the use of effects than the ordinary blanket has improved significantly, is the alternative to the traditional C L103 ordinary blanket the best choice, and custom used soft lining does not need to adjust.

DURA - Dora Air Cushion Blanket, based on the C L650 and C L620S introduced in 2005, combines the characteristics of mid-range air-cushion blankets with a wide range of domestic and foreign needs, and adds advanced technology to develop a very durable mid-range. Air cushion blanket.

The laboratory technical data of the two new products fully met the specifications of product positioning design, and the use effect on the appropriate printing presses was also satisfactory.

Source: China Printing Materials Business

Now is a high paced society, so disposable consumer products will emerge one after another. The emergence of disposable toothbrushes has greatly facilitated people's life. Its simple and convenient way of use has also been favored and affirmed by many friends. At present, the hotel provides a disposable Toothbrush for the guests in the guest room. If the guest has a toothbrush, it does not need to use the hotel. If not, you can use a free toothbrush provided by the hotel for them. Although many people do not support the provision of disposable toothbrushes in the hotel, the hotel should continue to provide a disposable toothbrush for the guests in the future because of the comprehensive and convenience of the guests.

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