Siemens Automation & Drives (A&D)'s packager simulation, integrated communications and fully automatic control solutions will be presented at FachPack 2006 in Nuremberg, Germany. The mechatronics methods and methods adopted by them greatly shorten the time for the mechanical equipment products to be put on the market. The use of the standard software library also reduces the costs of equipment design, manufacture and operation. Profinet-based real-time integrated Ethernet communication is the basis for its modular design. It is undoubtedly a product with high investment safety factor.

The packaging control software library developed by Siemens debuted at FachPack 2006. The software library can allow programming and designing of top-loaded memory cells with different motion characteristics along with other software modules on one or more controllers. In addition, it does not require all controllers to be synchronized, nor does it need to learn a programming language when controlling the mechanical device, which makes it possible to realize real-time synchronization of devices and integrated data management.

The module's automatic control structure and real-time Ethernet communication will become a hot topic in the exhibition. Based on the comprehensive use of the Simotion D motion control system, Profibus and Profinet IRT, Siemens A&D will propose a solution that can simultaneously satisfy distributed intelligent drives and integrated communications. These solutions will become a solid foundation for the development, operation and expansion of packaging machines in short cycles.

Source: Packaging Expo

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