If you are worried that your face is not perfect enough, you can't easily apply blush, then it's a big mistake! Different face types have different ways of using, as long as you use blush, you can become a perfect face that people love.

Skillfully painted blush

Goose egg face type suitable for: mushroom blush

The goose egg face is perfect, and the regular mushroom blush can make the face more fashionable. You only need to use a large blush brush, at the highest point of the laughing muscles, from the inside to the outside circle, this painting is very consistent with the temperament of the goose face. The blush brush can be made of wool or soft rayon.

Oblique "u" shaped blush

Round face type suitable for: oblique "u" shape blush

The round face is very cute, but it lacks a three-dimensional effect. It can be added with a "u" shape blush to add a three-dimensional effect. Use the blush brush to bypass the highest point below the top of the laughing muscles and brush it under the outer eyelids. The focus of the blush is on the outside of the laughing muscles. The highest point of the laughing muscles is biased toward the bridge of the nose, which can be brightened a little. The blush brush is best to use the "slanted fan shape", which is very comfortable when dealing with the curvature of the "u" shape blush.

Lateral blush

Long face type suitable for: lateral blush

The long-faced way you choose to apply blush laterally is the best. It can visually make the proportion of the face close to perfect. The best blush tool is to use a finger to pick up the creamy blush. From the top of the laughing muscles across the humerus, to the outside of the eyelids, apply it back and forth 3 or 4 times. Don't be too heavy when you first start, the center of the blush should be in the position of the cheekbones.

Blooming blush

Square face suitable for: blooming blush

Square face is less gentle, need to smudge blush to correct the face, use elliptical head blush brush, the method uses "convergence, roundness" method, blush can boldly squint from the outer eye to the temple, then connect down to laugh At the highest point of the muscle, this large piece of rounded blush can offset the edges and corners of the square face. Note that the center of gravity of blush cannot exceed the highest point of laughter.

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