The specific use is as follows:

1. High-temperature vulcanization transfer printing, firstly print the pattern to be printed or screen-printed on BOPET polyester film through 160-350 mesh, and then apply the film to rubber products, and pass the high temperature curing at 140-180 degrees Celsius 10-30 Minutes later, the pattern on the decal paper was completely transferred to the rubber product.

2, the first transfer after vulcanization can also achieve the same school effect, transfer methods are water transfer and cold transfer two, water transfer nine with cellophane printing is completely dry, apply some solvents on the rubber products, the printed glass decals Stick on the rubber product, wipe some water on the cellophane, peel the cellophane off; use PP printing paper for cold transfer, print the release agent on the PP paper first, then print the ink after drying, coat the rubber product. Apply solvent, paste the PP paper, and then remove the PP paper.

SQQ inks are used for direct printing on some rubber products such as balloons and the like, and have the advantages of large flexibility, bright colors, and good adhesion.

The specific method is as follows: The balloon is filled with a part of gas fixed on the printing table, so that the part to be printed is exposed on the table top, and then printed directly with a 120-300 mesh screen. Attention should be paid to the fact that the ink must be completely dry before the gas and the hardness of the blade can be released. Too high.

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