If you talk about IC card recognition technology, then its relationship with us can be really short. Since ten years ago, IC cards have begun to enter our daily lives. Initially, the advent of IC cards was mainly based on the needs of urban information management and identification.

Contactless identification opens a new way of life

If you talk about the impression of public transport in Beijing, crowding and cheap seems to be the best choice for many people. But to talk about the key points that help us save money, then this cartoon is a tangled body that makes us love and hate. Sometimes, just because of a small break, our 20 yuan slipped away from the "Gorgeous" under our own eyes, so the card is convenient to us while also "instigating" the anger of our hearts. So, what kind of technology is this delicate thing? Let's explore the mystery of information recognition in non-contact IC cards.

M1 card opens contactless recognition

If you talk about IC card recognition technology, then its relationship with us can be really short. Since ten years ago, IC cards have begun to enter our daily lives. Initially, the advent of IC cards was mainly based on the needs of urban information management and identification, and application customers were mainly based on business applications of large enterprises.
For people familiar with the field of information identification, I am afraid that the word MifareOne will not be too strange. It is the most frequently mentioned M1 technology in the field of information recognition. Under normal circumstances, there is an LC series resonant circuit in the M1 card, the frequency of which is the same as the frequency of the transmitter. Under the excitation of the electromagnetic wave, the LC resonant circuit generates resonance, so that there is a charge inside the capacitor, and another capacitor in this capacitor One end, connected with a single-pass electronic pump, the charge inside the capacitor is sent to another capacitor for storage. When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used as a power supply to provide working voltage for other circuits, and the data in the card will be used. Transmit or access data from the reader.

Good times don’t have long-term drawbacks, M1 is hard to pick up

Since the advent of this technology, it has covered almost all areas of non-physical contact transactions and information identification. Because it successfully solves the two problems of passive and contactless, it is more applicable to the automatic toll collection system for public transportation, ferry and subway. In our security industry, M1 technology is mostly used as a carrier for applications such as access control, authentication and e-wallet. Because it only needs a simple contact process to complete the entire transaction, it saves more complicated work process and lengthy time, and the cost is not very high, so it is more than ordinary card magnetic stripe. Promising prospects.
However, with the continuous maturity of the city card system, the application of the M1 card has become more and more widespread, and its drawbacks have become more and more obvious.
The first is the capacity problem, because in today's society, the integration of functions has become the main embodiment of technology development, therefore, this also puts higher requirements for the capacity of M1 cards. However, under the existing technology, although the M1 card has been upgraded several times, it still cannot meet the application requirements of the market.
In addition, as more and more money is loaded into the card, the M1 card has gradually evolved from a simple counting function to a virtual wallet. But from a security point of view, the M1 card is obviously difficult to adapt to such a high safe height. The incidents that have been copied and cracked have occurred, and in their own active defense, the M1 card is basically in a state of "no defense". Although it can be traced after the event, it is still difficult for people to be more reassured. .
As mentioned in the above article, since the card works by coils and chips, the strong magnetic environment, card bending and punching will cause damage to the card work. It can even be said that a slight component misalignment will cause the card's magnetic field. A change has occurred, causing the card to fail or be scrapped. Therefore, its fragility is also an important cause of card disputes.

Contactless card is easy to entangle? Where is the card growth path?

New technology improves card characteristics

As mentioned above, with the skyrocketing demand, traditional M1 cards have been difficult to meet the huge demands of the current society. For the future, wireless touch IC cards are now facing two choices to grow or update.
The growth mentioned here refers to upgrading the original M1 product, increasing the storage capacity of the card, and improving the security of the card by means of the AES algorithm. Thereby improving the working ability of the card with a small change. However, weak compatibility is still an unavoidable flaw, which is also destined to be a reality that can only emerge as a transitional role.
The update is based on a new technology called CPU card. In fact, the history of CPU cards is not young, but because of the high cost, CPU cards are always difficult to get the favor of the field without touch recognition. However, as the security risks of M1 cards become larger and larger, CPU cards are more and more remembered.
Compared with the traditional M1 card, the CPU card uses a microprocessor chip as the card core, which is composed of hardware and software. At work, a special antenna can be used to read and write the contents of the card. Because of its better packaging, it has stronger preservation and anti-pollution ability. In addition, based on its high level of intelligence, the CPU card can achieve greater storage, higher security, and more effective features in the field of dedicated operating systems. Compared to the traditional M1 card and its upgraded version, it is destined to be the new head of future contactless identification technology. However, considering the factors such as the recognition and perfection of the CPU card, we are only in the initial stage of a transition period.

The development of IC card from the perspective of Internet of Things

As an important part of the Internet of Things, the development of the identification system is definitely related to the development of the Internet of Things. In the first two days of the news, there was a report that mentioned 80 new colleges and universities in this year's new majors have added Internet of Things-related majors, including power, transportation, medical, environmental and safety management. Analysts of recruitment websites such as Zhilian have also given quite good prospects. It can be seen that China's Internet of Things industry has begun to rapidly enter the state under the influence of the previously announced IoT development plan.
In some of our previous studies, the problems often encountered in the "unpopular industry" were industry-related standards, or mismatches in the development of assistive technologies, which dragged down the development of the industry. Nowadays, the Internet of Things professions are opened one after another, reflecting the current society's emphasis on the development of the Internet of Things. Then the standards and technologies involved will achieve more coordinated and comprehensive development, and thus the original "call out" or even "call" "It is expected to become "autonomous generation". This certainly has a huge pulling effect on the development of touchless IC card technology. It also creates a more relaxed space for the development of the entire identification technology. Under the influence of this social atmosphere, the transition of the M1 card to the CPU card is undoubtedly much faster than before.
With the current use of non-contact IC cards and the frequent problems of security, it reflects the arrival of contactless identification technology. For any technology, this change is a long-term, continuous improvement. But no matter whether the pace of development is big or small, the speed is fast or slow. In the era when the Internet of Things continues to be hot, we definitely have the confidence to expect it.

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