Tianshi anti kick kick pink camouflage children sleeping bag display
Tianshi launched a children's Mummy anti-kicking pink camouflage sleeping bag for children. In outdoor camping, it can also give the child a warm guarantee. The price of this sleeping bag on Taobao is 139 yuan. The following provides product related parameters for donkey reference.

Tianshi children sleeping bag

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Tianshi Children Mummy Kick-proof Camo Kids Sleeping Bag Parameters:
Product Name:Children's Mommy Sleeping Bag - Pink Camouflage Brand: High Rock
Product Number: KID235-32
Sleeping Bag Style: Mummy/Mami Style Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category: Spring Sleeping Bag Price Range: 101-200 RMB Single/Double Sleeping Bag: Single Sleeping Bag Applicable People: Children's Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag Size: Children Size: 175cm x 70cm
Packing size: 18cm x 40cm
After compression: 31cm x 16cm
Style: Mommy Fabric: 100% Polyester Lining: 100% Polyester Fill: Invista Thermolite
Filling weight: 120 g/m2
Structure: single layer cotton comfort temperature: 5°C-10°C
Total weight: 648 g Compressed size: 31cm*16cm (compression bag height × bottom barrel diameter)

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