Tianshi Couples Moisture Quick-drying T-shirt Show

Tianshi outdoor couple models moisture-absorbing and quick-drying T-shirt, wearing cool, soft and comfortable fabrics, to ensure that the body dry during the campaign; the use of thermal transfer technology to bring the standard, personal, comfortable. This moisture-absorbing quick-drying T-shirt is priced at 69 yuan on Taobao. The following provides the relevant parameters of the product for donkey reference.

Tianshi quick-drying T-shirt

Couples Quick-drying T-shirt

Men's quick-drying T-shirt

Women's quick-drying T-shirt

Tianshi Couples Moisture-absorbing Quick-drying T-shirt Product parameters:
Model Name: Tianshi/HIGHROCK Couple Humidity Quick-drying T-shirt Brand: High Rock
Product Number: TR1187M004
Section number: TR1187M/F
Applicable people: Couple collar type: Round leader length: short sleeve (35cm sleeve length)
Origin: China Market Price: 138
Color Classification: White Men's White Women's Main Features: Breathable, quick-drying, ultra-light, insect-proof, anti-static, adaptable item: Outing pattern: Print size: SML XL XXL
Price range: 51-100 yuan Uses: Summer hiking, camping and other outdoor activities and leisure sports

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