There are such a group of people in the home circle, they are strategizing, squatting in the sea, fighting for their professional ideals. They may not have a rich ancestral foundation, but their appearance has made the home industry grow rapidly!

As the home industry matures, professional managers are recognized and recognized by more and more companies. In this limited circle, the ranks of professional managers are constantly growing. They use professionalism and wisdom to promote the development of China's home furnishing industry. A war of talents is in the ring.

Shen Yaojun, Vice President of Jimei Home

Micro-transformation of home appliances to home

Shen Yaojun, a professional manager with sufficient qualifications and influence in the home circle. From the beginning of the home circulation industry, each of its footprints seems to be able to rewrite the pattern of the Beijing home store. From Red Star Macalline to Xiangjiang Home, from Eurasia to Jimei Home, "Shen Yaojun" is a hot card in the home circulation industry.

In the early days of the development of the home furnishing industry, Shen Yaojun, who had a smooth sailing in the home appliance industry, was keenly aware of the profound development potential of the home furnishing industry. “I found that the market in the home furnishing industry is bigger. Home appliances are only a part of the home furnishing industry. The home furnishing industry ranges from building materials and decoration to furniture, accessories, etc. This is a bigger market and a very promising industry. ."

In 1999, Shen Yaojun switched to the home industry. He has always been well used in the field of circulation. From business management to marketing, to branding, Shen Yaojun's experience in the home circulation industry for nearly 13 years has witnessed the changes in the home market from melee to separatist warfare.

Burning beauty

At the end of last year, Shen Yaojun became the vice president of Jimei Home. With Jimei’s “likeness and affection”, he values ​​the brand value of Jimei. First, brand integrity. “Jimei has been deeply rooted in Beijing for more than 20 years, and its brand loyalty is high. Jimei has been widely recognized for some of its products and services.” Second, Jimei pays more attention to service. According to him, Jimei has more than 400 shuttle buses in Beijing, and it is free to pick up and drop off customers all the year round. This is unique in all the stores in Beijing. In addition, Jimei also provides consumers with many value-added services, such as supermarkets and gifts. Jimei's brand accumulation in more than 20 years has created an excellent reputation, and the brand value has become the biggest wealth of Jimei in Beijing.

Although there are many home sales stores in Beijing, there are always some brands that have lost and exited, which makes us feel sorry. After continuing the market environment of last year's sluggish market, the store is an important platform for carrying out the survival and development of many home brands, and it has shouldered great pressure and responsibility in such a market environment.

Three carriage marketing efforts

In the first quarter of this year, Jimei’s market answer, 15% is the growth of Jimei’s overall sales compared to the same period last year. Whether it is holiday marketing or concentrated blasting marketing, Jimei continues to work hard on marketing innovation, and has gained a huge market share through furniture trade-in, price-effective, and affordable housing.

Furniture trade-in is an important measure launched this year after the country's old-fashioned home appliance replacement. “But in many home stores in Beijing, Jimei Home has taken the lead in implementing the furniture trade-in policy since the end of last year. Up to now, more than 15,000 pieces of old furniture have been recycled. After the harmless treatment of Jimei Furniture Factory, different use of furniture Value, through the recycling of materials, re-circulation, etc., let these old furniture give full play to its functions and values."

In addition to the old-fashioned furniture, the price is also a policy advocated by the Ministry of Commerce this year. According to Shen Yaojun, Jimei’s work in this area has been fully carried out, and will be clearly priced in all Jimei stores in Beijing in the near future. The shrinking of the commercial housing market has made the home industry feel chilly, but the housing market has opened up another spring. For affordable users, Jimei will provide a minimum of 5% discount, which will bring benefits to consumers.

Home circulation industry will develop in an intensive direction

According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 100 large and small home stores in Beijing, and the famous brand stores in China cover almost all of them in Beijing. For the distribution of the current Beijing home market, Shen Yaojun believes that the market supply and demand relationship determines the pattern of the store. “The location and area of ​​the Beijing home store are determined by the consumers. As a store, as long as the service is completed and the products are well organized, a good market share can be obtained.”

The number of stores in Beijing has soared. Whether traditional leasing is a store or a self-operated, experiential store, the increase in quantity and the innovation of models have all contributed to important changes in the original pattern. In this regard, Shen Yaojun believes that the market is more or less a relative concept, and Beijing's store capacity can not be determined. This creates space and soil for many new formats. "But the business model that is truly the most suitable for China's consumption environment and consumption habits must be tested by practice."

For the future of home stores, Shen Yaojun predicts that it will develop towards intensification. “The concentration of home stores will increase. Whether it is a home-made or a circulation company, the size of mainstream stores will increase in a city. Standardized, well-managed stores, market share It will also get bigger and bigger, which may be a trend."

Message to home professional manager

Today's market environment, sailing against the water, do not enter and then retreat. Behind the test of the “blast” in the market, Shen Yaojun also has his own difficult problems. He admits that team building is the biggest problem that has been encountered for so many years, and even now it has not fully mastered this skill. How to get the right people to play the most important role in the right position is very questionable by the university. “As long as you are in the circulation industry, you have to explore this issue forever.”

As an early professional manager in the home industry, Shen Yaojun believes that home professional managers need to improve from the aspects of management level, service awareness and marketing awareness. And this industry that is developing at a high speed is also the stage where the demand for talents is large. At the same time, as a veteran, Shen Yaojun also put forward his own suggestions. "I think the first thing is to have a correct judgment on the overall macroeconomic situation. For finance, real estate, especially commercial real estate, and the urban residents' structure and age structure. It is also very important to analyze the mainstream consumer groups in the city. The second is to have a professional understanding and awareness of the industry, such as the fashion trends of furniture and decoration, the changes in consumer demand for household products, especially Both environmental protection and low carbon need further improvement."

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