Temperature aging laboratory creates the old myth of rubber shock absorption

The importance of temperature aging laboratories for human survival, production, and life is naturally self-evident, but environmental pollution is also an important issue that needs to be solved urgently. Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, etc. are several important aspects of environmental pollution. Among them, noise pollution is often overlooked by us, but in fact its harm cannot be underestimated.

Noise pollution is considered to be the third largest pollution hazard after air pollution and water pollution. Noise is like a poisonous fog, permeating people, especially in cities and industrial areas, it is a deadly chronic toxin. As early as the seventh century BC, people knew that noise would make people uncomfortable, and gradually people also knew that strong noise would damage people's bodies and even cause death. Therefore, noise pollution is one of the environmental pollution that we must pay enough attention to.

However, with the rapid development of modern industry, the power of the temperature aging laboratory is getting larger and larger, and the speed is faster and faster, and the harm of the resulting vibration and noise is becoming more and more prominent. This kind of vibration and noise not only pollute the environment and affect human health, but also have a great impact on product quality and operation accuracy. In addition, it will shorten product life and crisis safety. Therefore, the temperature aging laboratory mastering vibration and noise control technology is a major issue facing the industrial development of various countries. One of the effective methods to eliminate vibration and noise is to reduce the vibration of the vibration source and isolate the transmission of vibration.

Leather Embossing High Frequency Welding Machine:

Automatic feeding table design, greatly improve the safety factor, save manpower;

NL-5557 anti-spark vacuum tube protection device;
PLC and touch screen control system;
Water cooling HF oscillation system.
High frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device are provided to reduce high frequency disturbance to low level.
Adopt advanced square oscillation cavity design, excellent oscillation circuit, make the stable, strong high     frequency output .
Automatic overcurrent protection system can increase the service life of vacuum tube and protect mold.

Leather Embossing High Frequency Welding Machine

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