Ventilation aging test box is suitable for heat resistance test of electrical insulation materials. The equipment uses hot air circulation to promote the aging of the test piece, and the inner box has strong airtightness. It has a device for replacing the inner box air and is equipped with an over-temperature automatic cut-off protection device, which meets the ul-1581 test requirements.

In order to prevent the migration of sulfur, antioxidant, peroxide or plasticizer, the ventilation type aging test box avoids heating different types of rubber samples at the same time in the same aging test box. It is recommended that only the following types of materials can be heated together:

1. The same type of polymer:

2. Rubber containing the same type of antioxidant;

3. Rubber containing the same amount of plasticizer in the same amount;

4. Vulcanized rubber containing the same type of accelerator or sulfur and promoting Liu at approximately the same ratio.

Requirements for putting different workpieces in the aging test box

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