1: Turbine flowmeter pays attention to the matters that should be paid attention to when the magnetic induction part cannot collide with the installation:

Requirements for installation and welding:

a Equipped with a pair of standard flanges welded on the front and rear pipes. Welding with a flow meter is not allowed! Welding slag and other contaminants in the pipeline should be strictly removed before installation. It is best to use the same diameter pipe (or bypass pipe) instead of the flow meter to purge the pipe. To ensure that the flowmeter is not damaged during use. When installing the flowmeter, the gasket between the flanges must not be recessed into the pipeline.

b. Turbine flowmeter grounding requirements: The flowmeter should be reliably grounded and cannot be shared with the ground wire of the strong current system. Requirements for explosion-proof products: For the safe and normal use of the instrument, it should be checked whether the environment of the explosion-proof flowmeter is consistent with the user's explosion-proof requirements, and during the installation and use, the national explosion-proof product use requirements should be strictly observed, and the user must not change The connection mode of the explosion-proof system must not open the instrument at will. The model selection is within the specified flow range to prevent overspeed operation to ensure the desired accuracy and normal service life.

c. Before installing the turbine flowmeter, clean the debris in the pipeline: debris, welding slag, stones, dust, etc. It is recommended to install a 5 micron mesh filter upstream to block droplets and sand particles. When the flowmeter is put into operation, the front valve should be slowly opened first, and then the rear valve should be opened to prevent the instantaneous airflow impact and damage to the turbine. Lubricating oil should be operated according to the notice board. The frequency of refueling depends on the cleanliness of the temperament, usually 2-3 times per year. The flowmeter may be damaged due to overspeed operation of the turbine due to pressure test, purge piping or exhaust gas, and operation of the turbine in reverse flow. When the flowmeter is running, it is not allowed to open the front and back covers at will, and change the internal parameters, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the flowmeter. Install the gasket carefully to ensure that no protrusions enter the pipe to prevent interference with normal flow measurement. When the flowmeter is calibrated, it is necessary to collect pressure on the pressure inlet of the flowmeter. Humidity sensor probe,, stainless steel electric heating tube PT100 sensor,, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid solenoid valve

2: The power cord of the transmitter adopts metal shielded wire, and the grounding should be good and reliable. The power supply is DC 24V, 650Ω impedance.

3: The transmitter should be installed horizontally, avoid vertical installation, and ensure that there are straight pipe sections before and after it, generally 10D in front and 5D in back.

4: Ensure that the flow direction of the fluid is consistent with the arrow direction of the instrument casing, and it must not be reversed.

5: The measured medium must not corrode the turbine, especially at the bearing, otherwise measures should be taken.

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