Abstract: Algacount algae counting instrument for microcystis cell counting, greatly reducing the time and manpower required for counting, and improving the counting efficiency. Microcystis counting is a difficult task in algae monitoring experiments. This article uses Xunshu

Keywords: Cyanophyta algae cells, Microcystis count, Algae counter

Algae monitoring is a long-term and important task. Experimenters need to make judgments and early warnings on whether water blooms or red tides occur in various water systems such as rivers, lakes and seas, identify algae species in the water, and count algal cells to determine the dominant species in different seasons and times. When counting algal cells, microalgae and other algae with a cyst sheath structure on the outside and multiple cells densely arranged inside are often encountered. Observing directly under the microscope, counting directly with the naked eye makes most of the staff unable to speak directly, and sighs. Although it is possible to use an ultrasonic cell disruptor to break up algae cells and count them, after the cells are broken down, there are still many cells clustered together and direct counting is still difficult.

This article introduces a new cell counting method, using Xunshu Algacount algae counter to count microcystic cells.

1 Materials and methods

1.1 Sample preparation

The microcystis water sample is concentrated before being counted.

1.2 Main instruments and reagents

Xunshu Algacount Algae Counter

American Misonix S-4000 Ultrasonic Cell Breaker

1.3 Experimental method

Take 30ml of Microcystis water sample in a 50ml glass beaker, ultrasonically break the sample for 10 min, and make 5 parallel samples. The Algacount algae counter was used to continuously shoot 100 visual fields of the sample, and the number of microcystis cells in each visual field was counted by the Algacount algae assisted identification and analysis software.

2 results

After counting the samples, the results are displayed as follows:

Table 1 Microcystis cell count results
Parallel sample
Microcystis cell number (108 / L)
Average number of cells (108 / L)
Standard error
Relative standard error
Water quality monitoring-Microcystis counting solutionWater quality monitoring-Microcystis counting solution

Figure 1 Microcystis before and after processing by Algacount algae-assisted identification and analysis software (the red filled part on the right is the counting area)

3 Conclusion

The Algacount algae counter was used to count the microcystis cells, and the relative error of the count was small, about 10%. Compared with the direct counting method under the microscope, it is more convenient and faster, and improves the counting efficiency of microcystis and other cystic algae.

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